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How did World war two affect the economic status of women in the U.S.?

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How have nationalism and economic development affected women in the Other World?

It increased economic oppurtunities for women. **Novanet** THis is wrong

It ended economic opportunities for women.

women, who did not usually serve as soldiers,declined in status

Confucianism lowered the status of women.

I believe that chivalry initiated a movement of respect, especially toward women.

how did world war one affect the relations between men and women? how did world war one affect the relations between men and women?

It varies depending on which country you are referring to. There is certainly no universal status quo.

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Gave them a taste of economic self reliance and incorporated them into the work world.

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It depends on which society and which region of the world and the time period you are referring to. Status of women varies greatly and has varied greatly throughout history and in modern day societies.

The role of women in the world started to change, and that women started to enter the defense forces

Working class people, as well as women, were fully employed during the war, and their status, once defined as upper level status.

it ended economic opportunities for woman. -nova net

The social status of women in Sparta were to produce healthy sons for the army. The social status of women in Athens women had no share in public life.

Women of higher socioeconomic status are more likely to have a c-section, 22.9%, compared to 13.2% of women who live in low-income families.

Muslim women never lost their high status.

Kellie Leitch is the Minister for Status of Women for Canada.

Women had more job opportunities during World War I

The status of women in the society in the sangam age was not equal to that of men

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