How did Yoda shrink?

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There are huge gaps of time in the storyline.. in between the films...

Yoda is quite a lot younger in the first film then in the one where he dies..
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Who is Yoda?

YODA . Yoda is the oldest Jedi alive. He was 880 years old in Episode 1. When he died in the sixth episode, he was 900. . He is a green animal with white hair. He walks w

What is a shrink?

Slang for a psychologists, a therapist, or another of the same profession.

How can you shrink?

you can not really shrink... when you get older, your spinal cord gets shorter because the balls in between them (i forget their names) wear out, so that makes less room in be

Can you shrink?

You can not shrink, the reason people say older people shrink is because they get a hunch in their back.

What is Yoda?

He is a 900 year old creature form the well known series, Star Wars . Yoda is a Whill from a planet called Grentarik.

What is shrinking?

When something is minimized. Also known as a type of craft.

How short is Yoda?

Yoda is believed to be between 60 and 70 centimeters tall.

What is the meaning of yoda?

The name Yoda may be derived from "Yoddha", the Sanskrit word for "warrior." The name may also be connected to the Hebrew ידע(Pronounced: "Yodea"), meaning "He kn
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What does Yoda wear?

Yoda wears a cloth cloak.
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When was yoda born?

Yoda was born in 9180 in the movies
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Is yoda a yoda?

No he's a jack rabbit stupid
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Yoda who is?

Star Wars character