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How did a clipper ship get its name?

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The term clipper originally applied to a fast horse and most likely derives from the term clip meaning "speed", as in "going at a good clip". The Oxford English Dictionarysays its earliest quotation in English is from 1830. Cutler reports the first newspaper appearance was in 1835, and by then the term was apparently familiar. Clipper bows were distinctively narrow and heavily raked forward, which allowed them to rapidly clip through the waves.

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Who invented a clipper ship?

Donald Mckay invented the clipper ship.

Who invented the clipper ship?

Donald Mckay invented the clipper ship:)

What was the name of the ship that Marco polo used?

All I know is that he used a clipper ship

Another name for old sailing ship?

Bark, clipper, brig.

Where was the clipper ship invented?

The first clipper ships were English.

When was the clipper ship invented?

The Baltimore Clipper was made around the 1750s.

How many separate sails did a clipper ship have?

the Clipper had 3 or more masts

What is a Salem clipper in the ballad of William sycamore?

A clipper ship sailing from Salem.

Who captains a sailing ship hinky pinky?

clipper skipper

What did a clipper ship do?

It carried cargo.

What kind of ship did Marco Polo use?

he used a clipper ship

The goods of a clipper ship?

gold, silver

Was the fastest sailing ship a schooner?

NO, it was a "clipper".

How many masts does a clipper ship have?


What is the name of a three masted sailing ship?

Barque schooner Clipper Sloop Caravel Fleut its not these its the tigten

What did the clipper ship Guiding Star look like?

The clipper 'Guiding Star' was a ship of 900 tons, she was three masted and ship-rigged (square sails on all three masts).

What was a clipper?

A "clipper" was the name given to a very fast, yacht like sailing ship with three masts and a square rig which was in use during the middle third of the 19th century.

What is a word meaning a fast square rigged sailing ship?

A clipper ship

Captain of a sailing ship hinky pinky?

ship skip, clipper skipper

When did Donald mckay invent the clipper ship?


What ships were called greyhounds of the seas?

The Clipper Ship

When was clipper ship invented?

1546 millenium falcon

What is a hinky pinky for who captains a ship?

clipper skipper

Why was the clipper ship important?

It imported tea into the uk.

Where did the LA Clippers origanaly come from?

they were originaly in san diego and there is a clipper ship there but they moved to la so they stuck with the name