How did all the Doctors die in Doctor Who?

The 1st Doctor after the 1st ever battle with the Cybermen in The Tenth Planet declared "This old body of mine's wearing a bit thin". He returned to the TARDIS where he regenerated.

The 2nd Doctor was forced to regenerate by the Time Lords at the end of The War Games.

The 3rd Doctor had his body destroyed by radiation after defeating the spiders in Planet of the Spiders.

The 4th Doctor fell from the top of a giant satellite dish at the Pharos Project in Logopolis.

The 5th Doctor got Spectrox poisoning and lost some of the antidote and only had enough to save his companion (Peri) and so regenerated at the end of The Caves of Androzani.

The 6th Doctor bashed his head at the start of Time and the Rani, although this was not played by Colin Baker (6th Dr).

The 7th Doctor was shot in the heart in an alley in San Francisco in the 1996 TV Movie. However it was the damage caused by surgeons trying to save him, not understanding his Time Lord physiology, that stopped his second heart and killed him.

The 8th Doctor's regeneration happened during the time war when he tried to save a woman who refused his help. He stayed, and crash landed on Karn. The Sisterhood of Karn resurrected him temporarily, allowing him to make a choice and control his next regeneration. He chose to become the War Doctor.

The War Doctor, like the first doctor, seemingly died when his body wore out. This is shown soon after he meets his future selves, 10 and 11, and finds a different answer to his former actions in the Time War.

The 9th Doctor sucked the entire vortex out of Rose causing the regeneration.

The 10th Doctor got a huge dose of radiation but managed to see all his old companions before regenerating.

The 11th Doctor also seemed to die of old age, lasting longer than the previous incarnations had with similar fates, but then was apparently granted a new regeneration cycle by the Time Lords, presumably because he is the key to their return.