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they were ''smart ants''

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Q: How did all the ants get A 's on their tests?
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How did all the ants get A's on their tests?

They had all the ant-swers.

Does ants have cells?

Ants have cells, like human s, all life as cells...?

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no not all ants.

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Not all flying ants are carpenter ants. However, all carpenter ants can fly. There are various types of flying ants. Carpenter ants can be distinguished by their larger size and reddish tone to their body.

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Not at all.

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Some ants jump not all.

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no, ants do not need there antennas and some ants dont have them

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so far i have noticed ants tend to like cane sugar the most i know this from a series of tests i did on ants using cane sugar honey saccharin Stevia and sucrlose.

Are leafcutter ants decomposers?

yes they are all ants are

Are black ants blind?

all ants are blind

Does an ant have wings?

Not all ants in a colony have wings. The ants that have wings are the queen and the male ants.

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No, ants do notsleep.

What is all kinds of ants and how many ants are there in the world?


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A colony isn't that where all the ants live

Do ants turn into flying ants?

no not at all man you must be stupid

What the climax for leiningen versus the ants?

when leiningen kills all the ants

Army fire and carpenter are types of what insect?

These are all types of ants

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List names of all animals that start with the letter A and ends with S?

* ants* anteaters* armadillos* african elephants

How tall are ants?

There are hundereds of ants in the world. There are millions of ants in the wolrd and they're all different shapes and sizes.

Do ants have a spine?

No ants have an exoskeleton ---- Ants are insects; and all insects are invertabrates, meaning they don't have a spine (backbone).

Do ants have children?

Yes they do the queen is called the mother of all ants because she lays all the eggs

What is the weight of all the ants on earth?

Statistics show that the total biomass of all the ants on earth equals the total biomass of all the humans. There are about 1.5 million ants for every human being.

How many legs do ants have?

Ants, like all insects, have six legs.