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She was beheaded.

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How did ann Boleyn annoy Henry?

Ann Boleyn lost her head because she did not produce a male heir.

Why did Ann Boleyn die?

She was beheaded on 19th May, 1536, on charges of treason, incest and adultery.

Was Ann Boleyn beheaded?


What happened to Ann Boleyn?

She was beheaded.

When was queen ann Boleyn born?

Anne Boleyn was born circa 1501

Did anne Boleyn have any boys?

yes Ann Boleyn did have a son which she miscarried

Who was a prisoner in the Tower of London?

Ann Boleyn

Where was Ann Boleyn beheaded?

In London England.

When did Ann Boleyn join the court?


Who was Elizabeth's birth mother?

Ann Boleyn

Who Henry's second wife?

Ann Boleyn

How old was Elizabeth I when Ann Boleyn died?


How old was ann Boleyn when she married the king?


Was ann bolyn married?

anne Boleyn was married

Why did Henry get rid of ann Boleyn?

she didnt have a son

How old was elizabeth 1 when ann Boleyn was beheaded?

Queen Elizabeth I was three when Anne Boleyn was beheaded.

Why did Henry VIII behead Ann Boleyn?

So he could remarry.

Why was Ann Boleyn beheaded?

Anne Boleyn was beheaded on charges of adultery, incest and treason although she is widely assumed to be innocent of these charges.

When did Geoffrey Boleyn die?

Geoffrey Boleyn died in 1463.

When did William Boleyn die?

William Boleyn died in 1505.

Does Anne Boleyn Die in the other Boleyn girl the movie?

yes Anne does die in the movie

Why did ann Boleyn get beheaded?

For treason and adultery. Although historians are convinced that it was not true.

Ann Boleyn was the mother of which Queen of England?

Elizabeth I was Anne Boleyn's daughter.

How did the fire of rome start?

2 Ann Boleyn some other women

When was Ann Boleyn brorn?

She was born around 1501 in Hever castle,England.