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Barbed wire helped by keeping cow's and other animal's out of other people's pasture's

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What was the impact of barbed wire?

It cuts you

What did barbed wire do?

barbed wire was inventted to keep cows and other animals out of other peoples pastures or yards

What impact did barbed wire have in the west?

Barbed wired impacted the animals cattle to be specific. The barbed wire helped to prevent cattle from eating or damaging crops and it makes it easy to restrain the cattle.

Which new technology of the 1800s had the greatest impact on farmers in the great plain?

Barbed wire

Who made barbed wire?

by barbed wire makers

What are several types of barbed wire?

The Kansas barbed wire museum has over 2000 different types of barbed wire on display and barbed wire collecting is a popular hobby.

How did Joseph glidden's invention of barbed wire impact modern world?

Barbed wire was a lot cheaper than stones and wood, it helped a lot of people, some people hated it.

Who invented the first barbed wire fence?

The barbed wire was invented by Joseph Glidden. The barbed wire was invented by Joseph Glidden.

What impact did barbed wire have on the idea of a wide open western frontier?

Barbed wire basically ended free grazing, and forced many ranchers out of business because their cattle could not get to water.

What is the date when barbed wire was invented?

barbed wire was invented on October 27,1873

What is a sentence for barbed wire?

The barbed wire cut the prisoner as he was trying to escape.

When was Barbed Wire Kisses created?

Barbed Wire Kisses was created in 1984.

When was Barbed Wire Sandwich created?

Barbed Wire Sandwich was created in 1969.

Where was barbed wire invented?

Barbed wire was invented in DeKalb, Illinois on 1869 by Joseph Glidden.

How high was the barbed wire at Auschwitz?

Auschwitz employed electic fences, not barbed wire fences.

When was barbed wire developed?

The first patent in the United States for barbed wire was issued in 1867

How would you use barbed wire in a sentence?

Well, barbed is an adjective and wire is a noun, so you fit them into a sentence accordingly. If you want an example: "I cut myself with some barbed wire."

How did barbed wire change the economy?

how did barbed -wire fencse change the economy of the west , southwest ,midwest

Who was the American inventor of barbed wire?

Joseph Glidden invented barbed wire, and obtained the patent in 1874.

Do steel wiredrawing plants make barbed wire?

Steel wiredrawing plants manufacture barbed wire

What is the duration of Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence?

The duration of Heaven with a Barbed Wire Fence is 1.03 hours.

What were the disadvantages with barbed wire during World War 1?

weaknesses of barbed wire during the WWI

What is porcupine wire?

Porcupine wire is a type of barbed wire.

1880-barbed wire stoping open range wars?

The price for barbed wire in 1880 was about 11.95 for about 250 yards. The price for barbed wire in 1880 was about 11.95 for about 250 yards.

Why was the introduction of barbed wire import to the west?

Barbed Wire is a kind of modern security fencing materials fabricated with high-tensile wire.