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How did baseball start?

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Baseball started in 2016. It started when An apple fell on Newtons head. In history, people say the apple fell directly on his head, but this is false. When the apple fell on Newton's head, he quickly grabbed a stick, and threw it at the apple. Once he did this, he knew he needed to make a career out of this. He quickly asked Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and some other people, and they were called the "historians". They won every game (except for one when they versed Ben Franklin's team) The historians made history

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You can start baseball at whichever age you desire:)

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The 2009 baseball playoffs start on October 7.

Why did baseball start?

Because, a few people decided to start a new game, and thus, baseball.

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What year did Miguel Cabrera start playing baseball

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In cooperstown

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In 1857 ---- ----

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Cooperstown, USA

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In 1839 .

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1883, they were the second ever baseball team.

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