How did bastet kill apep?

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Q: How did bastet kill apep?
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What was Bastet most known for?

Bastet was known for the fact that she protected Ra (the sun god) from the evil serpent, Apep.

What did Bastet fear?

Bastet in ancient Egyptain myth is not noted for fear, she fought the great enemy of Ra her father Apep/Aphophis.

When was APEP F.C. created?

APEP F.C. was created in 1979.

Did Bastet have any brothers or sisters?

Sekhmet was Bastet's twin sister. Bastet had no brothers.

Who did bastet marry?

Bastet was consort of Ptah.

Who is Bastet related to?

bastet is related to thoth

What did the Bastet do?

nothing Bastet is a cat goddess

Why did bastet have a head of a cat?

Bastet was a cat!

Did Bastet have any relatives?

bastet had no relatives

Where did Bastet rule in Egypt?

Bastet is a goddess.

What did ra do at night?

Battle Apep.

Who was bastet's son?

Bastet's son was the moon god, Khonsu.

Does Apophis have any daughters in Egyptian mythology?

Neith is sometimes believed to be the mother of Ra and of Apep/Apophis (as well as Sobek); Apep is said to fight Ra every night either because he is evil and imprisoned or because Apep had been a king and Ra had overthrown him and imprisoned him. Any children of Apep are not yet known.

Who was an Egyptian devil?

Apep Seth (to a point)

Who was the bastet son?

Bastet had a lion-headed son named Maahes.

When Bastet died?

Bastet the Egyptian goddess never died in myth.

Who is Bastet son?

Bastet's son is the lion-headed god, Maahes.

Who is the son of bastet?

Bastet's son is the lion-headed god, Maahes.

What did the goddess Bastet rule over?

Cats. Bastet was the goddess of cats.

Is bast the same as bastet?

Bast and Bastet are both the same goddess.

What were bastet powers?

bastet powres were fire she was called lady of the east.

Did bastet have any enemies?

bastet enemies where aphopios serpent scorpion

Is Bastet a lioness or a Cat?

Bastet is a cat! Shekmet is a lioness who used to be ra's warrior but she was too violent and ra had bastet replace her

What are facts about Bastet?

1)Bastet is a cat goddess, or the protector of cats.2)Bastet was respected highly throughout Egypt.3)Bastet was worshiped ever since the Second Dynasty.4)Bastet was the daughter of Ra, wife of Ptah, and mother of Mihos.5)Bastet is traced back to ever since 3000 B.C.

When was bastet's death?

The ancient Egyptain cat goddess Bastet did not die in myths.