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Q: How did cable and deadpool become friends?
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How did deadpool become deadpool?

How did Deadpool get the symbiote suit?

In Deadpool and Cable #50 deadpool is kiling the last venom O saur when it tries to bond with him only lasts a few seconds though

What is red and black and blue all over?

deadpool in comic book deadpool&cable i think it was ain serie 1 or 2 or 3

When was Deadpool?

Deadpool was created in 1991.

When was Deadpool created?

Deadpool was created in 1991.

Is deadpool a avenger?

No Deadpool is not an Avenger and never will become an avenger because he's an anti-hero. Meaning he fights for his own personal gain (he's sometimes a hero and sometimes the villain).

What happened to the Deadpool movie?

there will be a Deadpool movie, i guarantee you

Who is deadpool dressed as?

Deadpool's costume is suppose to make fun of Deathstroke's costume (since Deadpool is an rip off of Deathstroke).

Are you going to make a deadpool movie?

I don't know, are you going to make a Deadpool movie (joke). Fox was going to make a Deadpool movie up until Wolverine Origins did poorly at the box office and was hated by fans. Deadpool actually was in that movie before he became insane so he is just plain, until the end when he does become insane, but his mouth is sealed shut. There is Test Footage of a Deadpool movie that has been leaked onto youtube that you can go watch.

Who would win deadpool or barracuda?

Deadpool due to his healing factor.

Why does deadpool want to kill drkillebrew?

Killbrew tortured and experimented on deadpool

Is thor deadpool's brother?

No, Thor is not Deadpool's brother. Thor is a god while Deadpool was a human who was given many ability enhancers.

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