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How did cattle and horses get to Colorado?

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May 23, 2012 4:11AM

Both horses and cattle came to the Americas in around 1490 when

Christopher Columbus arrived with many Spanish refugees fleeing

from Spain to develop new colonies in the New World and take over

new land to call their own. He brought over the Spanish barbarian

type horses (which are the foundation of the American/Spanish

Mustangs and native american indian ponies), and criollo or

longhorn-type cattle (which are the foundation of the "native"

American breeds including Texas Longhorn and Florida

Cracker/Pineywoods). These cattle and horses, after being abandoned

or escaping from settlements, became wild and feral and spread out

both in Mexico and what is now known as the USA. The horses were

found out by the Native Americans to be highly useful for hunting

buffalo and transporting their camps from place to place.

Consequently, these horses were able to spread all over the USA and

into Canada, including what is now known as the state of Colorado.

As for cattle, there weren't really many, if any, cattle in

Colorado until after the American Civil War and many ranches

started popping up all over the American West, including Colorado.

With the onset of ranches, came more horses and yes, more


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