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Churchill didnt - operation overlord was a plan drafted by allied high command

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Q: How did churchill describe operation overlord?
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Winston churchill said operation overlord would only work if?

Operation overlord was another name for the battle of Normandy during World War II. Winston Churchill stated it would only work if the allies were able to keep Hitler guessing about the battle.

Winston Churchill said Operation Overlord would only work if Hitler were kept guessing about?

all of theses

Who came up with the term Operation Overlord a.k.a D-Day?

Sir Winston Churchill put forward the name 'Operation Overlord' at a meeting of Gen Frederick Morgan's invasion planning committee in August 1943.

Who wins Operation Overlord?

The Allies won Operation Overlord

Who was the commender of operation overlord?

Gen. Dwight Eisenhower was the Commander of Operation Overlord

Generals of operation overlord?

Bernard Montgomery was the general for the U.S army in Operation Overlord.

What was the code name for the allied invasion of Normandy?

It was called D-day or Operation Overlord.

When was the Operation Overlord started?

plans and preparations were started in 1943.

Saving provate Ryan -Operation Overlord?

Yes , "Operation Overlord" which was the Allies landing in Normandy , France .

How many Royal Marines were a part of Operation Overlord?

A total of 16,000 were credited with service in Operation Overlord.

What is an explanation of operation overlord?

Overlord was the code name for the invasion of Europe. D Day was the first day of the operation.

Why has Operation Overlord been said to be unmatched in history?

It is unmatched because no-one has ever had a fight with Operation Overlord.