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Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels predicted that one day countries would overthrow all governments and share equally. This was the building block for Russian rebels opposed to the Czar.

"Communism" goes back to primitive times when people lived in small groups or tribes. No one one owned any particular part of the land the tribe occupied. It was owned by the tribe and everyone worked the land and the produce was divided among the members of the tribe. Marx called this type of communism "primitive communism" and stated that it occurs at the "dawn of history of all civilized races."

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Q: How did communism start?
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Where did communism start?

Communism was first developed in Russia

When did Communism start in Vietnam?

In 1925

When did communism start in Poland?


When did communism start in Europe?


Who start the communism?

Karl Marx

Why did the Vietnam war start not including to stop the spread of communism?

If it hadn't been for communism, the US would have stayed out of it.

Why did the rise of communism start?

read history books.

What lead to the start of communism in Russia?

World War I

What words start with c in world war 2?


Did Ho Chi Minh start communism in Vietnam?

yes, in 1945 Ho chi minh was one of the lead founders of communism in Vietnam

How did communism start in Russia?

Communism first started or developed in Russia after the end of World War 1. The embarrassing defeat in World War 1 caused those in power to switch from the monarchy to communism.

What slogan can i use for communism which no one knows yet?

Communism Communism its so great Lets join Stalin and start to hate-------procommunism Communism Communism its unfair you dont have to work so yer put on welfare-------procommunism lol

What type of shelters did people start building because of the threat of communism?

It wasn't a threat of communism but of the atomic bomb that people built bomb shelters.

The Australian government respond to the threat of communism after world war 2?

Australian government responded to communism in many different ways . after the start of communism , Australia started to suffer from paranioa due to the apparent " domino threoy' that was just one of the many events that are linked to communism.

Why did the viet nam war start?

Part of the cold war; contain the spread of communism.

What year did the USSR start?

1917 communism; 1922 added new Socialist Republics.

What state did communism start?

i whant to tell you people i need this or i will flunk my s.s. project

When did Karl Marx start Communism?

Marx never started communism. He theorized that communism would evolve from capitalism and socialism at some future time. The type of communism that Marx foresaw has never yet appeared since his writings. He would have rejected any claims by any "communist" country that they are true communist countries.

When did communism start in laos?

The Indochinese Communist Party began in 1930 in Laos. This was the year that communism was first introduced, although it was only through a handful of people such as teachers and doctors. During the 1960's is when communism became more widespread among the population.

What were Vladimir Lenin's goals?

Vladimir Lenin's goals were to start a Revolution against communism worldwide.

What were the policies for anti-communism?

Anti-Communism is the opposite of communism.

Didn't Adolf Hitler start communism?

No, communism existed a long time before Hitler was even born. Karl Marx is considered by many to be one of the founding fathers of Communism, and he was born May 5, 1818, died March 14, 1883. (Hitler was born in 1889). --- What's more, Hitler saw it as his mission in life to rid the world of Communism.

How did the Nanking massacre start?

It never started. The Commies invented that story to gain sympathy to Communism from the world.

Who or what is the 'God' of communism?

There is no "God" of Communism because Communism is not a religion, it is a political party.

When did Communism in Russia start?

"Communism," began in late October 1917 (Old Style calendar) during World War 1 after the Bolshevik Revolution. To be more accurate however, this form of government was actually socialism, not communism as Karl Marx saw it. Even the Bolsheviks/Communists understood this distinction at the time.