World War 2
Nazi Concentration Camps

How did concentration camps affect today's world?

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The Holocaust is still going on so the people of today didn't change much about the Holocaust it is still happening all around us, but it still changed some things. The fact that it mostly have stopped it still is going on in Iraq.

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Where were the locations of European concentration camps of World War I?

In World War 1 (1914-18) there were no concentration camps. For the Nazi concentration camps, see the related question.

Was there still concentration camps after world war 2?

A few ____ The Nazi camps ceased to function as concentration camps.

What are all the different concentration camps used during World War 2?

Concentration Camps Transit Camps Labour Camps Death Camps Extermination Camps.

What is a sentence for concentration camps?

The Allies liberated many Nazi and Axis concentration camps in World War Two.The prisoners of war were sent to concentration camps.

Are there still concentration camps that people are tortured in today?

There are no concentration camps today. There are still many people in the world who are suffering for various reasons, and there are many refugees in refugee camps, but there are no concentration camps.

What are the names of the internment camps from World War 2?

concentration camps

What did Adolf Hitler and his concentration camps have to do with the Japanese bombing in World War 2?

Why did Adolf create concentration camps?

How many major concentration camps during World War 2?

Their was only about 20 Major concentration camps.

What were concentration camps and where they found?

concentration camps were places where Jews were kept in the 2nd world war and then the used to get killed there

Are there still concentration camp's around the world?

There are still concentration camps in operation in the world. Just Google concentration camps in North Korea. They have horrible prisons and gas their own people.

What were the camps that the Jews went during World War 2?

Concentration camps

Where were the most famous World War 2 concentration camps?

Where could the most famous WW2 concentration camps we located?

Did the world know about the Nazi concentration camps?

Yes, 'the world' knew about the concentration camps, though probably not in much detail. However, the world had much less information about the extermination camps. Please see the related question.

Were there more death camps than concentration camps in World War 2?

Concentration camps were death camps. The people that were scheduled to die were concentrated into areas for easier delivery to the death chambers.

Camp's where Jews were sent in World War 2?

Concentration camps or death camps.

What conflict caused concentration camps during World War 2?

No conflict caused concentration camps during WWII. Nazi Concentration Camps pre-dated WWII, though when Germany too over more territories they built more camps.

Were there concentration camps before world war 2?

Of course. If you're asking about Nazi Concentration camps then there were tons starting from World War 1, and up until World War 2 :)

Where did the Germans put homosexuals in World War 2?

They were put in concentration camps and extermination camps.

Why didn't the Red Cross inspect the Nazi concentration camps?

The Nazis provided no access for the Red Cross to the concentration camps, and neither they did not acknowledge the hideous atrocities of the concentration camps to their own country or to the outside world. The Geneva Convention of the 1930's allowed for inspection of Prisoner-of-War camps, but the concentration camps were constrained by no such existing legality.

In what war were concentration camps used?

world war 2

What war was it when the Japanese were in concentration camps?

World war 2

How did the revolt at Sobibor affect America?

Not at all. America didn't know that it had happened at the time and, in any case until after World War 2 the difference between concentration camps and extermination camps was not understood.

Was slavery during world war 1 or world war 2?

By 1944 Nazi had 13 main concentration camps and over 500 satellite camps. The concentration camps were not just to murder people but also for free slave labor.

Why Nazi concentration camps were used after world war 2?

Some are still into usage but for same reason why the Nazis did. The remaining concentration camps are turned into memorials.

What happened to the concentration camps?

Just before the end of the second world war the Nazis tried to burn down the concentration camps so that there would be no evidence of what they did. This was not done very successfully as you can still go and visit some of the concentration camps such as Auschwitz.