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In 1866 President Johnson made the bold move to veto the extension of the Freedman Bureau. This caused the radical Republicans to, for the first time ever, over turn the Presidents veto.

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How did congress react to Johnson's vetoes of radical republican bills in 1866?

congress overrode Johnson's veto and pass the civil right act.

Which president has had the most vetoes overridden?

Andrew Johnson had the most vetoes overridden by Congress.

Why was president Johnson unable to stop Radical Republicans from putting their reconstruction plan into action?

Radical Republicans in congress had enough votes to override or defeat ,both vetoes, and the bills became law.

Did President Andrew Johnson win against the Congress?

Yes, I suppose you could say he won. He made 5 regular vetoes and seven pocket vetoes and not a one was overridden.

How did the congressional elections of 1866 affect Johnson and the Congress?

The Congressional Election of 1866 affected Johnson and the Congress by upsetting the power. The Republicans won and captured enough seats that they could override any of Johnson's vetoes.

Who can override presidential vetoes?

Congress is the only the body that can over ride vetoes

How can the presidentt check a congress?

the presiden can check a congress when he vetoes a bill.

How did congress respond to Johnson's vetoes?

they overided it

President vetoes a bill and congress wants to become a law?

If the president vetoes a bill, then Congress can override that vetoe, but the bill must go back to Congress to be approved with a majority vote.

Which branch can override vetoes?

the legislative branch of government can override vetoes - e.g. Congress in the United States

Which veto did congress override?

There were 106 vetoes overridden by Congress from 1789 to 2000.

What can the congress do if the president vetoes a law passed by congress?

They can try to override the veto.

What power does the the president have where he can check congress?

The President checks Congress when he vetoes a bill

Suppose Congress makes a law that the president vetoes Can that law be passed by Congress?


How did congress respond to Johnsons vetoes?

Congress overrid Johnson's veto with a majority vote.

Which president had the largest percentage of his vetoes overridden?

Franklin Pierce is the president that had the largest percentage (56 percent) of his vetoes overridden. Out of nine vetoes, five were overwritten. Andrew Johnson had 52 percent of his vetoes overwritten.

Who approves or vetoes laws passed by congress?

The President approves or vetoes laws passed by congress. but if congress comes back with enough yeses (if that the plural of yes) then they can override the President and pass the bill to make it a law.

If the president vetoes a law what happens to it?

it goes back to the congress

How often are presidential vetoes overridden by Congress?

4% of the time.

How does the president prevent a bill passed by congress?

He vetoes the bill.

Name two checks and balances congress has on the president?

Congress can Override vetoes and Reject treaties.

How many times did Grover Cleveland use his veto power?

President Cleveland cast 414 vetoes in his two terms. 304 were regular vetoes and 110 were pocket vetoes, made when Congress was not in session. Only two of his vetoes were overridden.

What enabled Congress to take control of Reconstruction after 1866?

Congress had enough power to override Johnson's vetoes.

Has the president ever been overridden by the congress?

I am not sure what you mean. Congress has overridden some presidential vetoes.

True or false pocket vetoes are vetoes of bills that do not reach the president?

False. Pocket vetoes are bills that the president does not sign and which are received less than ten days before Congress adjourns.

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