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How did death camps affect the Jews?

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The death camps basically speak for themselves. Jews who go to the Death Camps die a lot quicker than those who suffer at the regular Concentration Camps. They call it a Death Camp because you basically die there immediately unlike Concentration which they make you work until you die from fatigue or starvation, etc. The effect of this results in the death of many Jews.

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The death camps kept the Jews from living!

There were about 1,500 concentration camps and they were not just for Jews.

Most were sent to extermination (death) camps, but some were sent to concentration camps.

Almost all Concentration Camps were in fact death camps for Jews. Fear, exhaustion, desperation, starvation, cruelity, death & cremation. Nothing good happened to Jews in these camps.

Jews were deported to concentration/death camps or straight to a death camp. ------- or the ghettos.

Concentration camps, Extermination camps and Death camps

No. Most Jews were unaware of the existence and purpose of the Concentration Camps and the Death Camps.

The oncervation camps were places Hitlerr sent the Jews after they were caught. there were work camps and death camps.

About 6 million Jews died in the death camps during the Holocaust. The purpose of the death camps were to do a mass extermination of the Jews.

The Jews of Europe never put anyone in concentratyion camps. Nazi Germany put millions of Jews, Roma, and others into contentration camps and death camps.

Hitler made a lot of Jews work at death camps such as Auschwitz, because he simply hated the Jews and was a dictator.

In cattle cars from the Ghettos to the death camps or the labor camps.

by sending them to concentration camps or death camps were they were gassed

Concentration camps or death camps.

Jews were killed in the extermination (death) camps; that was their purpose, and there are almost no survivors from such camps. They mostly died by being gased. But Auschwitz was a death camp and it also was a labor camp, so some people worked.

Millions of Jews were gassed and cremated at the extermination (death) camps.

There is probably no difference. The holocast consisted of genocide. Hitler was going against the Jews so he sent all the Jews to concentration camps or death camps. There is probably no difference. The holocast consisted of genocide. Hitler was going against the Jews so he sent all the Jews to concentration camps or death camps.

ghettos, concentration camps, and death camps

The death camps were where over 6 million Jews and others that Hitler deemed "racially inferior" were killed.

Death camps were used because it was a quicker way to kill so many people aka the jews.

the death camps during the Holocaust were actually called concentration camps, its purpose was to prison all the minorities that the Nazis were trying to get rid of, such as the Jews.

Jews were sent to concentration camps during the holocaust to be killed by a gas room, being shot, or worked to death. The Jews had to wear the yellow star on their close. The Jews were creamated after death.

They were gassed, shot, sent to concentration camps, death camps

The death camps were located in Poland and Germany.

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