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As singing and dancing for the gods in forest glades. Then the dancing floor was built, and seats made in a semicircle for an audience. Actors were added, first one to relate a story theme to complement the singing, then a second actor and then a third.

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Q: How did drama begin?
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When did Caribbean drama begin?

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Where did English drama begin?

English drama began in the church.

Why did drama begin?

Drama was to show beliefs and for entertainment

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Did Drama to the Greeks actually begin as a religious worship to Dionysus?


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Theater and drama did not begin in the 16th century. The Greeks produced great theatrical works 2000 years before that time.

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Where did drama begin?

Obviously the idea of 'drama' as human beings producing a performance symbolising something else has been around for almost as long as Homo sapiens or even erectus.Drama was practised in some form or another in most ancient civillisations. Drama as we know it, performed by actors in 'theatres' was invented by the Greeks. Indeed, drama is a Greek word. The idea of organised drama was taken up by the Romans and thereby spread through the ancient world.

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Drama did not begin with the Old Testament. Homer's Iliadand Odyssey are far older, and there were dramas, either written or passed on orally, long before Homer's epics.

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Drama began in 5th Century Greece as competitions. They were held during festivities to celebrate Dionysus, the god of wine and wine making, the grape harvest, ritual madness, and religious ecstasy.

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