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Q: How did dwarf pygmy gobie live?
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What is the difference between a dwarf rabbit and pygmy rabbit?

a dwarf rabbit is smaller.

What foods do dwarf pygmy gobies eat?


What is the smallest animal in the marine biome?

dwarf pygmy goby

What is a pygmy marmosets scientific name?

The Pygmy Marmoset's scientific name is Cebuella Pygmaea.It is also known as a Dwarf Monkey.

What is the difference between a Dwarf Hippo and a Pygmy Hippo?

one is smaller

How long can pygmy owls live?

pygmy owls live up to 5-12years.

What are the ratings and certificates for Little Gobie - 2010?

Little Gobie - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: Singapore:G USA:G

Can you register a kid by a registered Nigerian dwarf and a registered pygmy?

i have a kid that is sired by a registered Nigerian dwarf and his dam is a registered pygmy. is there any registry for the cross breed? i need to know soon! thanks! Taylor

Are pygmy rabbits found in Turkey?

No, Pygmy rabbits do not live in turkey they live in north America.

Where do pygmy seahorses live?

Pygmy seahorses live in the ocean, on the coral they camoflauge with in order ti survive.

What is the synonym of dwarf?

tiny, small gnome, midget, Lilliputian, Tom Thumb, pygmy

What breeds of goats come into season all year?

Pygmy, Nigerian Dwarf, and Boer

Is the spined Pygmy shark the smallest shark?

smallest are the pygmy ribbontail catsharks grow upto 6- 7 inches. spined pygmy sharks and dwarf lanternfish grow upto 8 inches.

What has the author Henry M Gobie written?

Henry M. Gobie has written: 'The speedy' -- subject(s): Postal service, Special delivery

In what region do pygmy seahorses live?

Pygmy seahorses live in tropical regions where coral is plentiful. Pygmy seahorses enjoy warmer waters when compared to their larger cousins.

Where do Pygmy marmosets live?

they live in gum trees

Where do pygmy rattlesnakes live?

They live in pigmy caves.

Where does a pygmy elephant live?

In borneo

What do pygmy hippos live in?

hippos live swamps in east Africa(Large hippo) and West Africa(Pygmy Hippo)

How long does the pygmy mouse live?

The life span of pygmy mouse is about 2 years .

Where did the Round Gobie Live?

first of all, you spelled Goby wrong, and second, they came from the Caspian and black sea. . . hope this helped. . .

Do pygmy marmosets live in a continent?


Where do pygmy hippopotamus' live?

Mostly in Africa

Where do the pygmy rabbit live?

so and so

What biome to pygmy rabbit live?

Type your answer here... Pygmy Rabbits live in grasslands and other places that contain its favorite food...sagebrush.

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