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women, who did not usually serve as soldiers,

declined in status

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The market system and the economy cope with economic scarcity by increasing prices. The law of supply and demand dictates that prices rise during times of scarcity.

Scarcity means "of limited availability" for instance, during a famine food is 'scarce' i.e. there is a scarcity of food. Thus the opposite of scarcity is 'abundance'.

Warfare changed in various ways during ancient times. For example, Roman legions revolutionized warfare through the tactics and formations they used.

During the Renaissance a lot of things changed, such as economics, religious beliefs, and political changes. One of the most important economic change had to do with the drop in the price of food.

Trench warfare and chemical warfare

Trench warfare was one of the new forms of warfare introduced during World War 1. Another new form of warfare was chemical warfare.

what were some importance of trench warfare

During economic downturns, new construction subsides and repair work increases its share of construction activity.

New inventions changed warfare during World War 1 by creating new weapons and creating more casualties. Some of the inventions during World War 1 were tanks, infantry rifles, and machine guns.

Guerilla Warfare and Conventional Warfare.

What are ten facts about trench warfare during WWI?

i think there was really no disadvantage of guerrilla warfare during the revolutionary war.

If there is too much of something, then the price will be too low to produce it. There has to be scarcity to make it worthwhile for both parties. a+ Producers

The first economic change was the introduction of cash crops in Africa which led to decline of food crops. A political change was the introduction of administrative systems.

trench warfare was started by the Germans during the great war :)

Trench warfare is famous because of its large scale use during World War 1. During the war, both sides used this type of warfare for protection.

Naval warfare in the Mediterranean during World War I happened in 1919-08.

It promoted Western-style economic and educational systems.

George Washington changed it because he thought it was weird.

Craftspeople set out signs to advertise their wares.

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