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Geography affected early Chinese civilizations. They needed to access water therefore they made their most successful settlements along the rivers.

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Q: How did geography affect early Chinese civilizations?
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How did geography affect the development of the early civilizations?

Cause wen it rained people got all wet

How did geography affect the early Arabs way of life?

how did geography affect the early arabs way of life

How did India's geography help early civilizations?

the climate and geography influenced the rise of India's first civilization.

How was China isolated from other early civilizations and what did they develop?

Because of its geography

What area is called the birthplace of early Chinese civilizations?

The birthplace of early Chinese civilization is at Huang River Valley.

Which was the result of the physical geography of ancient china?

isolation from other early civilizations

What was a result of the physical geography of ancient China?

Isolation from other early civilizations

Which was a result of the physical geography of ancient china?

Isolation from other early civilizations

How did geography and climate affect how early people lived?

Whey did the geography

Why were the early Chinese unaware of other ancient civilizations?


What factors hindered early connections between early river valley civilizations?

Physical geography and fear of the unknown.

How did geography isolate civilizations?

Many landforms, such as mountains or rivers were uncrossable to early civilizations, so they stayed where they were, away from other groups

How did geography affect early settlements in Michigan?


How did geography impact early roman civilizations?

There was a lot of clowns out there that wasn't paying attention in school.

What role did geography play in the development of mesopotamian civilization?

Mesopotamia was one of the earliest civilizations recorded. Geography played a key role as all of the early civilizations settled along rivers, like the Tigris and the Euphrates.

How did geography affect early settlement in Florida?

it made food

Name two rivers important to early Chinese Civilizations?

the hang he and yellow river

What was the most important physical map feature for early civilizations?

The most important physical features are location and geography.

How did greeces geography affect its early communities?

Aclent greek and roman

How did European exploration affect early civilizations in Latin America?

Extermination and enslavement.

How did Greece's geography affect its early settlement?

The Greek land geography contributed to the lose of sense of unity for the Greeks.

What two rivers were key to the development of early Chinese civilizations?

The Huang He river and the Yellow river

How did geography help shape early Chinese culture?

leme gues school notes?

Why is the Fertile Crescent considered the birthplace to many early civilizations?

The region had desirable geography, good climate, and proximity to water

How did China's geography affect its early development and describe China's geography and explain how it affected the development of civilization?

they all died.... all of them.... :(