How did geography affect early people of the Italian peninsula?

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Italy in the early days was inhabited by different ethnic groups. There were at least 35 different groups. One geographic element which affected them was the features of the terrain. The people who lived on the mountains tended to have more of a pastoral life. The lives of the peoples who lived on the plains tended to be based more heavily on cultivation. Variations in climate also played a part. The winter in the south and centre of the peninsula is shorter and mild. The winter in the north is longer and cold.

A geographic aspect which had a great impact was the peninsula's proximity to Greece. The Greeks established colonies (settlements) in southern Italy and Sicily in the 8th and 7th century BC. Being a more advanced civilisation, their arrival had a big impact on all the Italic peoples they came in contact with during their archaic (early) period. For example, Etruscan civilisation arose out of trade with and deep influence by these Greeks in what has been called the orientalising period, where the Etruscans adopted Greek motifs for their pottery and Greek architectural styles. The Italic peoples also adopted and adapted the western Greek alphabet to create their own written languages. This included written Etruscan and written Latin. Recent archaeological evidence has shown that the Latins were influenced by the Greeks of Cumae (a Greek city near Naples, just 125 miles south of Rome) as well as the Etruscans in their archaic period.
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As with any country really, not just Russia: - people do not live often in areas that are likely to flood - people do not often live in mountainous areas - people will often avoid living close to potential hazards such as fault lines and volcanoes.

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The early settlers of the Italian peninsula were many different groups and spoke many different languages. Here are most of them: the Latins (including the first Romans), the Umbrians, the Etruscans, the Ligurians, the northern mixed peoples, the Celtic tribes, the Illyrians, the Oscans and the Gree ( Full Answer )

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it helped alot! You had to build the right houses! have the rigth food and make sure you werent anywhere where something bad could happen.... most people lived by the water because of the fish... but that was bad too because of alll the flooding that could happen if it rained

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Russia's geography affected its early history by the threeregions. The three regions were the northern forest, the second wasUkraine, which was the home to Russia's first civilization, and thethird was the southern steppe.

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Many, many ways. too many to answer hear. But here are a few; skin color, technology, wars, languages, weapons, intelligence, and diet. A few of these would be considered controversial but true none the less.

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Italy's cities were built mostly on hills, so higher ground was an advantage when they were facing outside threats. And though it was difficult to cross Italy because of its rockiness, they had streams running out of the hills, so it was and easy source of fresh water.

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The affects that the geography had on the people was the climate in the summer it would be 30 degrees celcius and in the winter it would be 5 degrees Farienhiet

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Early settlement in Italy were due to migratory movements throughout the peninsula. They way settlement was affected depended of the particular landscape. Mountain and hilly areas were pastoral, while the plains were agricultural. Volcanic areas provided particularly fertile soils and attracted farm ( Full Answer )

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As nomads, they took over a tract of land amongst the mountains,built a protective fortress on high ground (acropolis) around whicha city grew developed. As they were separated by mountains, lakesand rivers, this separated them, and they had no desire orincentive to amalgamate with other city-states ( Full Answer )

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