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How did george Harrison get cancer?


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George Harrison got cancer from smoking.


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No. George Harrison died of cancer.

George Harrison died November 29, 2001 of cancer. George Harrison - Born 25-Feb-1943, Died of cancer 29-Nov-2001

George Harrison is in heaven. He died in 2001 because of cancer.

George Harrison had lung cancer and passed away in 2001.

George Harrison was diagnosed with throat, lung, and brain cancer but it is said that the brain cancer was the finishing point.

George Harrison died of lung cancer.

It was cancer of the throat due to smoking.

George Harrison died at the home of a friend in L.A. on November 29, 2001, of throat cancer.

George Harrison of the Beatles died November 29, 2001 from throat cancer. possibly from his smoking habits. George Harrison visiting the Oval Office in 1974

No Geroge Harrison was not gay because he had a wife. He died because he had cancer.

Harrison had 3 types of cancer during his lifetime. he had throat cancer, lung cancer and finally brain cancer, which (ironically) was what his mother died from. he was a smoker, which probably was a factor.

George Harrison died of lung cancer which eventually led to his brain obviously killing him on November 29th 2001.

Here John Lennon died of a bullet wound and George harrison died of cancer of the throat.

George Harrison had lung cancer, he got treatment for it and operations, but both failed. It was all coincidence.

John Lennon died first in 1980. George Harrison died of cancer in 2001.

George Harrison died of lung cancer. He didn't have a killer. there was a guy who attempted to kill him but the guy failed.

George Harrison died of throat cancer, which spread to his lungs, then his brain, at 1:30 pm on the 29th of November 2001.

George Harrison. He died on November 29, 2001 of throat cancer.

George Harrison died from cancer November 29, 2001 at age 58.

George Harrison died in Los Angeles in a mansion that Paul McCartney and Courtney Love had previously rented. He died of lung cancer.

Yes, he died on 29 November 2001, of cancer.

Yes he did smoke as he died of lung and throat cancer.

No. He died of lung cancer on November 29th, 2001.

John Lennon was murdered; George Harrison died of lung cancer.

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