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Greed was not a major factor in the development of the Aztec and Inca civilizations. the greed mainly manifested when the Spanish and Portuguese explorers found out the natives had vast gold and silver resources. Much of the natives' incentives were connected to the worship of their gods.

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How did greed influence the development of social classes in the ancient Aztec incan and spanish civilizations?

so was there any influence on the Aztec culture when or after the spanards conquered them?

What caused ancient civilizations in Latin America to end?

Their destruction at the hands of Spanish Conquistadores.

Were there people in Mexico before the Spanish came?

Of course. Some of the ancient civilizations that were destroyed by the Spanish include the Aztecs and Mayans.

What ancient civilizations were destroyed by war?

There were many civilizations destroyed by war. It depends on what kind of civilization you are talking about. A few off the top of my head are the Inca and the Aztecs by the Spanish conquistadors. Mainly western civilizations such as the Mycenaean, and the Persians.

Why were the spanish conquistadors able to conquer great civilizations?

The Spanish were able to conquer great civilizations because they had weapons, armor, and horses. The horses gave the Spanish a higher elevation.

How did the ancient civilizations help the modern-day economies of Mexico and Central America?

In nothing. These ancient civilizations (Mayans, Aztecs) were completely wiped out by the invading armies of Spanish conquistadors. They only contributed during colonial times in the form of slave labor, but by 1550 most of them were dead or being assimilated into the larger population.

Which civilizations were destroyed by the Spanish?

they destroyed the Aztec and the Inca.

How did the conquests of the Aztecs and the Incas contribute to Spanish exploration?

The Spanish conquistadors aided themselves and their home country of Spain by dominating and conquering Native American civilizations in Mexico and in South America. They certainly learned more about these civilizations, which helped the European world regarding information about these Ancient civilizations. The primary objective, however, was to steal their gold & silver and send it back to Spain. They also used these civilizations to help them find mines containing precious metals and precious minerals and gems.

When was the Spanish conquest of the major Indian civilizations completed?


Are most Mexicans protestant because of the spanish influence?

On the contrary: they are mostly Catholic due to the Spanish influence.

How do you say to influence in Spanish?

Influir is the verb form of influence.

What are the names of two of the ancient civilizations that lived in Mexico?

Aztecs, Mayans, Olmecs, Teotihuacans. All of them inhabited present-day Mexico before it was discovered by Spanish conquistador Hernan Cortes in 1519.

What was the development of Spanish colonies organized through?

the development of spanish colonies in the New World was organizeed through:

What people invaded Spain whose language influenced the development of Spanish?

The Moors from North Africa invaded Spain in 710. They had some influence on the Spanish language. For example Al-Andalus became Andalucia. But by far the largest influence was the Latin of the Romans. Spanish, like French, Italian, and Portuguese is a Romance Language, meaning it's origins are in Latin.

What are the influence of the Spanish in the Philippines?

actually there are many influences of Spanish here in Philippines one of it is some food we it some food we eat are influence or "pinauso" of spanish.. but the true influence of them are bad and some are good.. -o1o-

When was the Spanish influence extremely strong in the Philippines?

Spanish influence was extremely strong in the Philippines during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

How did the Spanish gain land?

As the Spanish explorers and conquistadors conquered and subdued Native American civilizations, more Spanish holdings in the New World gained Spain more territory. Spain dominated what is now Mexico and subdued many of the Native civilizations in South America.

Were there other civilizations that used hieroglyphics?

the spanish used them and eurepeans treid but did not succed.

What was the result of the Spanish encounters with the Aztec and Inca civilizations during the 1500s?


What civilizations used slaves?

ALMOST ALL OF THEM. It was a widely accepted practice in the Ancient world, slavery in some places are more understood than others because of the fact that the task of slaves were not properly recorded but we have reference of slavery in all of the following civilizations: Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Ancient Rome, Ancient China, Ancient India, Ancient Persia, Among the Aztecs and Among the Mayans among others. Slavery was also used in the new world, however in the new world racial boundaries were used only capturing people of African (black) stock. The West coast of Africa used slaves as did The Portuguese, The British, The Americans and The Spanish.

Who spoke Spanish in ancient Maya?

Nobody spoke Spanish in "ancient" Maya. The Maya did not encounter Spanish until the 1500s, and "Maya" refers to a tribe, not a place.

What evidence is there that there is a Spanish-speaking influence in the US?

people speak spanish

Where does the culture of Dominican Republic come from?

The dominican republic culture comes from the ancient spanish colonies, african slaves and the social influence of United States because it's nearby.

What sports influence did the Spanish have on Filipinos?


What is the country that created the Spanish language?

Spanish is a language that evolved from many influences. Ancient Rome (and through them, the ancient Greeks) created Latin. After the Roman conquest of the area that is now known as Spain, Latin was introduced. It was spoken for centuries, and continued after the fall of the western Roman empire. Isolation, influence form invading peoples, and the 700 year occupation of Spain by the Moors produced what we know as "Spanish."

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