How did gupta longati discover brain cancer?

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he looked at the actuall brain
that had a tumor
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What is brain cancer?

There are two types of brain tumors: primary brain tumors that originate in the brain and metastatic (secondary) brain tumors that originate from cancer cells that have migrated from other parts of the body. (oncologychannel). For the source and more detailed information concerning your request, ( Full Answer )

What causes brain cancer?

brain cancer is caused by most things around u lik elctronics for egsample cellphones, ipods, etc....but sometimes it happend when ur born because someone in your family had it bfore, or still does.

What are terminal brain cancer symptoms?

How can you tell when a person who has an inoperable brain tumour grade 4 (diagnosed in July 08) and has under gone 6 weeks of radiotherapy treatment with his tumour still being active and is in the process of starting his 3rd cycle of Temodal, is nearing his end of life

What is the name of brain cancer?

It is called Brain tumor. Or, Glioma, Meningioma, according to Medline Plus, from the US Natl Library of Medicine, and Natl Institute of Health. See -

Stage 4 brain cancer?

Stage 4 brain cancer does not have a good outlook as far as lifeexpectancy is concerned. Doctors generally give their patients nineto 12 months to live after diagnosis.

Can cellphones cause brain cancer?

There is no current research that suggests this is true. If you are truly worried, consider a blue tooth headset which operates at a much lower power.

How can you get brain cancer?

As with tumors elsewhere in the body, the exact cause of most brain tumors is unknown. The following factors have been proposed as possible risk factors for primary brain tumors, but whether these factors actually increase an individual's risk of a brain tumor is not known for sure. . Radiation to ( Full Answer )

What are symptoms of brain cancer?

Many symptoms of brain cancer can also be symptoms of many otherconditions. But some likely sympotms cna include: Headaches,weakness, siezures, lack of coordination. The only way to know for sure if the symptoms are due to braincancer is to undergo testing. Brain tumors may have a variety of symptom ( Full Answer )

Who is most affected by brain cancer?

Studies show that three out of five brain cancer victims are men. Race wise, it is predicted to be more so the white male. They have been reported to have more white male cases than any other race or gender. Look it up if you wish. .

What is the scientific name for Brain Cancer?

The scientific name for brain cancer is intracranial neoplasm. Thisterm is also used when referring to a tumor inside of the brainthat has yet to be determined cancer or noncancerous.

Prevention of brain cancer?

Hi Everyone, Brain cancer, like any other cancer on Earth is not only curable (once diagnosed), but 100% avoidable. Very easy - in the most natural way - an exercise... Reality of the Future?... Living on the safe side of Life... Where not a single disease exists... Everybody relax! The ( Full Answer )

Is brain cancer fatal?

Very often; yes. Brain cancer needs to be found very early and be very small and be located in an easy to reach location for there to be any real chance of survival. Most cases of brain cancer are not found until there is a reason to look for it and by than it is often too late. Brain cancer can a ( Full Answer )

What does brain cancer do to you?

Well, I had cancer and it made my eye sight bad, and it made my hearing bad. It makes you not able to run fast. I run with a group, and I'm always last. I can't really compete. The medican that is given to you is called chemotherapy and it makes ALL your hair go away. I now am cancer free but I have ( Full Answer )

Is Brain Cancer the same as a Brain tumor?

No, but a brain tumor is cancerous, just not quite the same. I hope you don't mind, but I have a story to tell you. My mom had a brain tumor, it was the size of an orange. I don't remember it because I was maybe 4. The operation to remove it took maybe 4 hours, and she is fine now, but has lost a li ( Full Answer )

Cancer diagnosis of Brain Cancer?

There are 2 different categories of brain tumours - primary brain tumours and secondary brain tumours. Depending on the type and location of the brain tumour some of the symptoms may be: . Nausea . Vomiting . Seizures . Memory loss . Headaches . Vision changes . Difficulty wa ( Full Answer )

What cancer reseacher discovered cancer?

Malignant neoplasms, commonly known as "cancer", are known since ancient time. This group of diseases were first named "cancer" by Hippocrates, the famous physician of antique Greece (460 BC -370 BC). But, according to an online article in the American Cancer Society web site, the first written refe ( Full Answer )

How does brain cancer affect the brain?

Yes it also affects all of your muscles and you could possibly die from Brain Cancer. You cant do what you used to do before when your muscles were working and your brain . Signs and Symptoms: A brain tumor can be accompanied by the following signs and symptoms: . Headaches that often are wors ( Full Answer )

How does oral cancer lead to brain cancer?

usually through the blood but also cancer is an uncontrollable growth of cells that invade and destroy nearby tissue & oral cancer may be located near the brain (cancer eats away at bone) Lastly i read some where that the stress, & mental unstability of being diagnosed with cancer can cause new canc ( Full Answer )

Who researched brain cancer?

I'm not sure but Raymond V. Damian saw that people were dying from brain cancer, so he invented the MRI machine.

How common is brain cancer?

Brain cancer for adults is not as common as lung, prostate, breast, colon, and stomach cancer. Any particular group: it can affect young children aged 0-10 very common in girls and older people 65 It sometimes is genetic To prevent it, live a healthy lifestyle, eat plenty of anti-oxidants and recogn ( Full Answer )

Is venial a symptoms for brain cancer?

No its just a sign of which doctor needs to check and confirmedassumption is wrong so consider checking woith registered doctorfor same.

When did brain cancer began?

Brain cancer never really 'began'. Cancer is a fact of life, not a contagious disease. Cancer never used to be a problem because people commonly did not live long enough to develop cancer.

Is spine cancer and brain cancer related?

Sometimes. I'm not saying I'm an expert, but I have had brain cancer before, and they had to check both my brain and my spine, because that sort of brain cancer usually show up in either the brain or spinal system. Plus you have the brain stem that connects your spine. So yes, in a way.

Why do they call it cancer after brain cancer?

A cancer is labeled based on where it started in the body. Cancer is an abnormal growth or mutation of cells. If it starts in the brain, it's called brain cancer. Any cancer can metastasize and spread to other parts of the body; but it will retain some of the cellular characteristics of where it ( Full Answer )

How does smoking cause brain cancer?

when you smoke the nicotine is 1 able to reach your brain in approximately 6.5 seconds tops and it can cause you to not feel pain momentarily, or it can cause severe drowsiness and or damaged brain cells, which can be a very malevolent and morbid problem.

Symtoms of brain cancer?

Depends on the area the tumor is located. Could cause loss of senses, headaches, change in personality, irrationality, hysteria, hallucinations, there are a plethora of different symptoms. Sometimes there are even none.

What are the signs and symptoms of brain cancer?

Profuse bleeding from the nose, dementia, headaches terrible headaches. if you think you have brain cancer ask a doctor.. People with a brain tumor may experience thefollowing symptoms or signs. Sometimes, people with a brain tumordo not show any of these symptoms. Or, these symptoms may be cau ( Full Answer )

Can handphone cause brain cancer?

There have been studies in Sweden that show using a handphone for 10 years will double the risk of brain cancer, however many health organisations still contradict this. Nobody knows for sure currently, it wont kill you now, but it is possible that excessive use of a handphone could lead to danger ( Full Answer )

What are possible causes of brain cancer?

one thing that can cause brain cancer is too much exposure of cellphone, let me explain why: some scientists discovered that electric appliances, gadgets, etc. have invisible electric forcefield also known as radiation. most of us are now so exposed of electrical forcefield/radiation because of the ( Full Answer )

Can everyone get brain cancer?

Who gets brain tumors Brain tumors can develop at any age, but are most common in children between the ages of 3-12, and in adults aged 55-65. Primary brain cancer is the second most common cause of cancer death between birth and the age of 34, and the fourth most common cause of cancer death in m ( Full Answer )

Is brain cancer a virus?

No. A virus is not a living thing because it is incapable of reproducing without the help of another organism. It needs to inject it's RNA into a host in order to force that host into replicating the virus. Cancer is a cell which does not trigger a process called apoptosis. This process breaks ( Full Answer )

Is brain cancer the worst cancer?

What is worst is a value judgement and will be different for different people. Some would say that the worst cancer is the one that is killing you. For many women, the worst cancer may be breast cancer , because of how it impacts self-image and relationships with husbands. Some cancers are less ( Full Answer )

How can cellphone cause brain cancer?

A cellphone sends out its messages by means of a microwave broadcast, which is picked up by the nearest cellphone tower. If you are holding the cellphone to your ear, in order to hear a phone call, the broadcast is taking place very close to your brain. Intensity of any emitted radiation (including ( Full Answer )

Can a monkey get brain cancer?

Yes, monkeys can get brain cancer. The etiology, prognosis and treatment are similar to brain cancers in humans.

Why is brain cancer the worst?

because the brain is one very important and it control our wholebody and it might mess up the body form working the right way andthings can go wrong the blood will go the wrong way or the lungeswill work less.

Can anyone get brain cancer from brain cancer patient?

No, not under any normal circumstances. No type of cancer spreads from person to person under normal conditions. The only theoretical way for it to spread would be from surgical implantation of the cancer cells between two patients and even than there is a chance the implanted cells may be destroy ( Full Answer )

How can you tell you have brain cancers?

Intense headaches, can also have slurred speech problems focusing eyes,problems with cordination, confussion not knowing where you are or who people are.

How does brain cancer affect organisms?

i dont know ambut sa kambing na may bangs the brain will hav many gusano and bulati and it will affect and this is the answer

How can you survive brain cancer?

Speaking from experience, the best way to survive brain cancer is to play mario kart excessively. Rainbow Road stimulates brain cells and brain activity. Do not play online mode otherwise the eight year old Asian kids, (who built the system) will make you rage and you will most likely have a brain a ( Full Answer )

Does prostate cancer affects your brain?

It can. Any type of cancer can metastasize and spread itself to other locations in the body, including the brain. However, if the prostate cancer is stopped before it spreads than no; just having cancer in the prostate will not affect the brain; it would need to metastasize and spread to the brai ( Full Answer )

What are the typical symptoms of brain cancer?

There are several symptoms of brain cancer. Some of the typical symptoms include: dizziness, vision changes, coordination problems, seziures, and weakness or numbness on one side of the body.