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They were used by the Federals ( Northerners) in the Civil War for forward-observation purposes. some had wired telegraph links to a ground station, so Morse Code was on the Balloonist"s skills bag. Professor Thaddeus Lowe was primarily responsible for military use of Balloons. He was a civil engineer and founded the Mt. Lowe cable railway in later years.

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What does thrust have to do with hot air balloons?

This may not help, but I didn't think it had ANYTHING to do with hot-air balloons...

Did hot air balloons help in civil war?


Which gas do you use for hot air balloons?

Hot air is used for hot air balloons.

How have hot air balloons changed through out history?

don't worry about it

Where in the atmosphere do hot air balloons float?

Hot air balloons float because hot air displaces cool air in the atmosphere

Why lighter than air balloons fly?

air balloons or hot air balloons fly because they fill with a very light type of air. The air is hot air.

What last longer helium fill balloon or hot air balloons?

hot air balloons

Why do hot air balloons work?

Hot Air Balloons work because of the hot air.The hot air rising stays in the balloon and carries it upward.

What are hot air balloons filled with?

It is simply air that has been heated. Hence the namehot air balloons are filled with hot air from a propane tank

Which force allows hot air balloons to fly?

Buoyancy allows hot air balloons to fly.

Why were hot air balloons made in 1783?

People think that hot air balloons where made for battles.

when do hot air balloons come to bucyrus ohio?

when do hot air balloons cometo bucyrus ohio

What form is helium?

hot air balloons and balloons

How do hot air balloons stay in air?

hot air rises

What is something interesting about hot air balloons?

Hot air balloons have a device at the top called a parachute to let the hot air out, controlling their decent.

How do hot air balloons produce lift?

Hot Air

What are hot air balloons used for now a days?

Hot air balloons are now mostly used for leisure

Why are hot air balloons spheres?

Hot air balloons are usually shaped like an egg because it is an easy to fold and inflate shape. However there are hot air balloons shaped like cartoon characters or advertising symbols. There are people that specialize in creating unique shapes for hot air balloons.

What are some disadvantages of hot air balloons?

Hot air balloons are a slower form of transportation. For most people, they are beautiful to see when they are in the air.

Why is hydrogen used to inflate hot air balloons?

Hydrogen is not used to inflate hot air balloons. Just regular air is used which is then heated to make the balloon more buoyant as hot air weighs less than cold air. Hence the name hot air balloons.

How do you make hot air balloons?

You put hot air in a balloon.

What are balloons filled with?

Balloons are filled with gas (such as helium), or a mixture of gasses (such as air) or hot gasses (such as hot air).Helium.

Why were hot air balloons important to the civil war?

Hot air balloons were used for reconnaissance during the civil war.

How do you get hot air balloons in FarmVille?

The only way to get hot air balloons is if you open up a mystery egg or a mystery gift and reveal a hot air balloon.

How do hot air balloons use air to fly?

Hot air balloons use the fact that hot air rises as a way to make balloons fly. When the air inside the balloon is heated, it rises, and this creates lift which is used to make the balloon fly.

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