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Q: How did Indian dancing become a martinique culture?
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What are the bad effects of western culture on Indian culture?

because of western culture people are forgetting their own culture, people have forgot worshiping their God, hve become cruel and lazy,for example,early rising to late rising

How did Julianne Hough become famous?

she joined dancing with the stars

Western culture will it affect Indian culture?

Yes Western culture has the ability to affect Indian culture greatly, and I think most Indians will agree that Western influence has become more prominent in India in the last few decades. One of the main ways that Indian culture is influenced by the West is through media such as television shows, movies, social media, music videos and more. Because western media, especially American media, is so influential, it is hard to imagine Western influence into India slowing down anytime soon. Western culture, through media alone, has been vital in influencing the dressing styles, values, beliefs and language of Indian culture in recent years.

What did Annie Oakley do to become famous?


What did usher become famous for?

Singing and Dancing

How do foods become traditional for a culture?

it is importent because its different culture food people make up like Indian food they have a food called tanktan iota ke that is bull meat i love that! kind of food!

Influence of MNCs on Indian culture?

mnc's influenced the lifestyle of indians.with more and more foreign companies entering indian markets, the western culture has become the order of the day.they are influencing the political decisions with thier money power.unemployment is increasing because the mnc's are giving preference to their country's workforce.mnc's pose a great threat to the indian companies as they are offering products at a much lower prices.

How do you become a Indian team cricketer?

to become an Indian cricketer you need to be very bad at bowling and you need + .

Why did heian become a center of culture?

because it is a great economic culture

What is the impact of Cambodian culture?

Culture is what makes a people. And over time this culture has become part of the people.

Can a foreigner become partner in Indian partnerhp firm?

As per the provisions of Indian contract act, 1872 a foreigner can become a partner in Indian partnership firm.