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Who allowed the United states to become a major world power and increased industrialization?

Any country should be. It is the main world power, however, increased industrialization is global, notably in China. Who allowed ? The nation itself.

How does coal power affect the environment?

because of global warming

Can solar power affect global warming?

Indirectly, yes. By using solar power, as well as wind power and geothermal power, we can generate electricity without burning fossil fuels. The less we burn fossil fuels, the more we slow down the effects of global warming.

Age of power driven machines?


How can laundry affect global warming?

Using the washing machine for small amounts wastes power.Using a dryer instead of a clothes line outside wastes power.These all contribute to global warming. Laundry itself does not have to have any interaction with the concept of man induced global warming.

How does geothermal power affect global warming?

Once a geothermal power plant is running it emits no carbon dioxide pollution. The energy is free, as the heat from under the earth turns water into steam to power the electricity turbines. So it makes no contribution to global warming.

How was coal a key to industrialization?

Coal was used as power.

How do power plants affect the carbon cycle?

Power plants affect the carbon cycle by adding more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Too much carbon dioxide intensifies the greenhouse effect and adds to global warming.

Do power stations affect global warming?

Power stations that run on fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) emit carbon dioxide (CO2), a greenhouse gas that is contributing to global warming.Power stations that use renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, tidal and wave, geothermal etc) have no emissions and have no effect on global warming.

How do you use global power in a sentence?

When you are a global power it doesn't mean you are always right.

Why did Britain become a global power in the 1700's?

Sea power led to Colonization, led to profits...Profits of early Triangular Trade...helpedfinance Industrialization...Banking practices (lending/Credit) allowed further investment and growth of economy...

How were the developments of steam power and the factory system during the Industrial Revolution different?

Steam power helped launch European industrialization, while the factory system contributed to the growth of later industrialization.

How does the corporate social responsibility program apply to today's trends and current issues in the global market?

It gives balance by re iterating a power structure into society

What is power mosfetdraw internal structure of a typical power mosfet device?

draw interstructure of a typical powerMOSFET device (semiconductor structure)

How does energy efficiency affect global warming?

The higher the fossil power plant efficiency the less input fossil fuel burning and hence the less green house gas emissions and accordingly the less global warming.

How was industrialization different in Japan and the United States?

The United States pursued industrialization on its own, while Japan was first pressured by an outside power.

What must a country have in order to experience industrialization?

Industrialization needs many factors. It requires raw material to be used in industry. It also needs man power.

How did geography spur industrialization in the northeast?

Swift rivers provided power for machines.

What shifts in global stratification seem to be taking place?

capitalism and economic power. this is because all stratification systems have contradiction that threaten to erupt forcing them to change. Changes in our minimum wage systems and this will affect the global economic situation

How does global warming affect the climate?

Warmth is heat, and heat is energy. This energy is used to give extra power to wind, storms and other weather "events".

What extent will Barack period as president affect the basic power structure of military?

brack o bamma is not a good president and tells lies

What is the symbol for Global Power Equipment Group Inc in the NYSE?

The symbol for Global Power Equipment Group Inc in the NYSE is: GLPW.

How did industrialization impact the lives of the working class?

Industrialization generally improved the earnings of the working class, thus increasing their spending power. However, industrialization also led to the working class working longer and longer hours in poor conditions.

What do you mean by global power?

Having power that extends around the earth.

What were the 4 natural resources for british industrialization?

water power coal and iron ore

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