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How did japan enter the war?

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Italy and Japan entered the war to

Russia allied with the US and entered the war against Japan on Aug. 8, 1945

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. We declared war on Japan and then Germany declared war on USA since Japan was Germany's ally

China did not actually enter the Second World War. They had been at war with Japan since 1936 and the fighting continued into the War years.

The US entered WW2 with the bombing of Pearl Harbor by Japan. As soon as we declared war on Japan Germany delcared war on the US. The Germans had an agreement with Japan.

Japan attacked the US fleet in Pearl Harbour on 7th December 1941, (8th Dec. Japanese time). At the time Japan had already been at war with China for 4 years, so did Japan enter WW2 in 1941 or 1937?

the US got bombed by Japan

Japan bombed Pearl Harbor

Japan, Dec 7, 1941 (state of war existed); Dec 8, 1941 US declaration of war against Japan; Germany declared war on US December 11, 1941.

USA entered WW2 because Japan attacked them. If Japan hadn't attack USA, they will probably stick to their policy of isolationism and not enter the war.

Japan attacked the US naval Base in Pearl Harbor killing over 3,000 people.

Britain signed a treaty with Japan saying that if another country entered the war against Japan, Britain would enter the war on the side of Japan. This treaty kept all nations out of the war, except for the two combatants: Russia & Japan.

it entered the war because Japan declared war (and attacked) it and Germany declared war on it, this was about six months after the start of the Holocaust.

Japan decided to expand World War 2 when they decided to bomb Pearl Harbor. When Japan did this America got very angry and got involved in the war that they had not planned to enter. America had Actually said that they were not going to get involved in the World War, but Japan changed that.

Japan attacked the US Fleet at Pearl Harbor.

the soviet union would eventually enter the war against japan

Japan , with it's attack upon Pearl Harbor .

1941 after japan destroyed pearl harbor

Japan entered World War I on August 23, 1914 at the request of Britain. World War started on July 28, 1914 and ended on November 11, 1918.

Germany declared war on the US on 11 December 1941. In the hopes that Japan would declare war on Russia.

when japan bombed hawaii that was the outrage that causedus to bomb them and then the us broke into world war 1 between japan and usa so suck it

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