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Jazz is a musical art form originally developed by African Americans from around the turn of the 20th century. It is characterized by blue notes, syncopation, swing, call and response, polyrhythms, and improvisation sometimes in jam sessions. As the first original art form to emerge from the United States of America, jazz has been described as "America's Classical Music".

Jazz has roots in the cultural and musical expression of West Africa and the western Sahel, and in African American music traditions, including blues and ragtime, as well as European military band music. After originating in African American communities near the beginning of the 20th century, jazz gained international popularity by the 1920s. Since then, jazz has had a profoundly pervasive influence on other musical styles worldwide. Today, various jazz styles continue to evolve. Jazz originated from African Americans.

By the early 1890s, these first free-blacks were about 25 years old, and were producing new music. Gospel, blues and jazz all originated at that time, in the early 1890s, as a result of the first free-blacks living in very new conditions. jazz comes from several things. first off, the African American Blues Music. then the swing/waltz movements. jazz uses the same scales, chords, and beats. as with any music, its influences didn't come from one group. you cant say that all jazz is black, just like you cant say all rock is white. Some of the first jazz musicians were white swing musicians. Most people confuse uptempo blues with early jazz, thus saying that its all black.

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Q: How did jazz develop?
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