How did john Wilkes booth escape?

Following the shooting of Abraham Lincoln, Booth fled on horseback to southern Maryland, eventually making his way to a farm in rural northern Virginia. There at the farmhouse the government claims to have killed John Wilkes Booth.

Some believe the story didn't end there. Some say that Booth left the Garrett home the day before the soldiers got there. He went to the isolated farmhouse of his wife, Izola. There he stayed many months while his leg healed. About a year later Booth went to San Francisco to see his mother. Later, Izola would join him. The two met in San Francisco and they decided to sail to India on the Indian Queen. The Booths brought aboard the ship two heavy wooden boxes filled with gold that caused suspicion among the crew.

Izola did not like Living in India and Booth brought her back to San Francisco.

Eighteen months later, on their return from India, as the ship approached San Francisco, the crew mutinied; Booth was injured and Captain Scott was killed. Izola saw Booth lying in a pool of blood and she believed him dead. The crew set Izola adrift in a rowboat and in other rowboats the crew abandoned ship taking with them Booth's gold. Izola was picked up by a British ship and returned to San Francisco.

The Indian Queen was found adrift with one man aboard (John Wilkes Booth). The ship was taken to port and then Booth went to Mexico.