How did Kanye west mom die?

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Kanye West's Mom, Donda West, died during a plastic surgery procedure, (breast reduction and tummy tuck) on November 10, 2007. She was supposed to be sent to a doctor recommended plastice surgeon, but instead was sent to third doctor Jan Adams. Donda died, from coronary artery disease and multiple post-operative factors due to or as a consequence of liposuction and mammoplasty.
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Where is Kanye West from?

He was born in Atlanta, GA and raised in Chicago, IL from age 3. which is why he is a jerk and has no respect

Who is Kanye West?

-Kanye West is an American rapper, record producer, and singer. His first CD was The College Dropout [2004] -born June 8th, 1977 in Chi-Town -he is signed to GOOD music, Roc-A-Fella, and Def Jam -He is known for songs like Heartless, Love Lockdown, Amazing, Stronger, Through the Wire, and All ( Full Answer )

Where does Kanye West buy clothing?

Kanye buys from multiple brands such as Louis Viutton , Jimmy Chew , ect. He Even has his own shoe line and he works with Jordan Shoes , Louis V. A great way to really find out were he gets his clothing items is from Diggy Simmons ( the nephew of the creator of Kanye's Record Label Def Jam " Hes Rea ( Full Answer )

What is Kanye west real name?

They say that is his real name. (he has a middle name too, but I'm not sure what it is) ^ its Omari

Did Kanye West get shot?

Not that I know of, but he did get into a car crash, a really bad one. But, good news is that he is NOT dead. He did fracture his jaw.

What are the name of Kanye wests albums?

the names of kanye wests albums are the college dropout, late registration and graduation in that order submited by:Jesse jamiesonand 80's and heart break at the end and December 25th 09 his new album "lust" comes out

How many kids does Kanye west have?

Zero!!! Ugh no I don't know how many kids he has but I do know he has at least one daughter so who ever wrote zero is wrong cause Kanye always talks about his daughter (in songs) NO MY BOYFRIEND SAYS THAT IT IS ALL METAPHORICAL AND IT SERVES A GREATER PORPOISE

Is Kanye West in a gang?

In "Homecoming" by Kanye West (with Chris Martin) Kanye describes how it was realized he is gang-affiliated and it was released on news networks. In other Words Kanye is not gang affiliated.

Is Kanye West Catholic?

Well, i think he's Atheist. But you can't really tell, 'cause Kanye does mention Jesus in his songs, that's something you can't really tell about Kanye, what his religion is. Note however his lyric from "School Spirit" in which he says "Rosary piece: That's my catholic style."

Is Kanye West a virgin?

Well, he's had a long term girlfriend... But, i think that question is kinda personal, so maybe ask Kanye next

Does Kanye West do Cocaine?

No he doesn't. +Possibly. In new single "Power" off upcoming 2010 album, Kanye raps on the chorus, "I'm trippin' off the powder"--which can be interpreted to mean he's acting crazy due to using cocaine. (Added March 28, 2010)

Is Kanye West rich?

oh my gosh what kind of a stupid question is that?. Yea let me improve your answer: I agree, that was a really stupid question.

Does Kanye West have any children?

No, Kanye West doesn't have any children...yet. At an Atlantic City concert on December 30, 2012, Kanye announced his girlfriend, Kim Kardashian, is pregnant with his child. The due date has not been announced yet, but it is thought the baby will be born sometime in the summer of 2013.

What is the new Kanye West song?

His new song is called Heartless. Kanye West's most recent song is called Runaway, which he performed at the Vmas. The sing features rapper called Pusha T.

Is Kanye West a Christian?

\n. \nI believe Kanye West is a christian because he makes many references to having faith in God. Ex; Jesus Walks, Never Let Me Down & Heard Em Say.

Is Kanye West an egomaniatic?

I wouldn't say he is, to some he might be. Sometimes he thinks of himself highly and others he admits when people do better than him. He explains this further in Thank You and You're Welcome, which is the book he wrote.

More about Kanye West?

Keri Hilson!. Keri Hilson is good. . kanye, yeah, he's okay. i have him on my ipod touch.

What religion was Kanye West?

Aithiest. its sad cause im a christian (baptist) but hes aithiest :( Actually! in an interview with Kanye west, he said that he received salvation at his mothers funeral. So... his religion may be athiesm, which i highly doubt! but he sure does have a relationship with Jesus Christ. However if you ( Full Answer )

Are akon and Kanye West brothers?

No. akon was born Dakar, Senegal while kanye west was born in Alanta, Georgia and each of them have different parents.

Is Kanye West a republican?

\nI don't believe so, because i know he was rooting for Obama. And with the Bush comment a few years back, it wouldn't seem so. I'm pretty sure he is a democrat.

Is Kanye West good looking?

Well, people have different opinions. Have you even seen him? Well, i think he is good looking. But that's my opinion. Maybe search him on Google images, if you don't know how he looks like.

Can Kanye West sing?


When did Kanye West die?

He was found dead in the early morning hours of February 6th 2011 because of a drug overdose.

What are facts about Kanye West?

You don't need facts if your doing a project. U just need to say, yo kanye west is the coolest. And he is the best and coolest rapper of ALL time.

Is Kanye West bisexual?

yes Kanye west is bisexual because me told me when he was having sex with your mother in the middle of the night and your father was having sexy with you :D loll

Does Kanye West need eyeglasses?

NA....................................... MY MAN DOES NOT NEED GLASS HE CAN SEE JUST FINE . WHY DO YOU SAY THAT?

Is Kanye West a gangster?

If your talking about him going Kanye to the ye ye to the we we t o the we we we west,then you would say he's a gangster singer.If not,not

What are the lyrics to heartless - Kanye West?

In the night, I hear them talk the coldest story ever told Somewhere far along this road, he lost his soul To a woman so heartless [echoes 3X] How could you be so heartless [echoes 3X] Oh, how could you be so heartless? [Verse 1] How could you be so cold as the winter wind when it bre ( Full Answer )

Kanye West crashed?

heyy and today i am gonna give you a weevil passwords and usernames kk kk 112 112 chelsea chelsea mini mini cat cat aa aa zac zac chocolate chocolate jenna jenna xx-tasha-xx merrychristmas lola lola bee bee chelseaiscool bestfriends my email is sa ( Full Answer )

Is Kanye West a free mason?

Yes he is a freemason, have a look on youtube for more details and evidence.

Did Kanye West write heartless?

I'm not sure that Kanye West wrote the song heartless but I think that a band called The Fray wrote it. I know that they performed and song called heartless. It had the same line from Kanye's version. The line was " how could you be so Dr. Evil?" if this is an original then Kanye got ideas from The ( Full Answer )

What is Kanye West next album?

i dont thinck well be able to find out for awhile. since his newest album just came out a couple months ago. actually "Lust" comes out December 25th 09

Did Kanye west die?

There are rumours going around that he died in a car crash, but so far it looks like a hoax. As of 2010, Kanye West is still alive. jkjk He did almost die after confrunting his wife, kim kardacian, where she shot him in the face at point blank range with mm9 26 times he is currently in crittic ( Full Answer )

Does Kanye West worship jesus?

Kanye does believe in god and worships him and his son Jesus, he is not in the illuminati and never will be, and yes i do agree that what he did to Taylor swift is wrong but HE'S right beyonce' should have won that award but he could have gone about it in a different way like tweeting it or somthing ( Full Answer )

Did kanye west sacrifice his mom?

Yeahh he did sacrafice his mom its in the freemason book. You have to sacrifice someone you love and he choosed his mom he is also an illuminati. Just like jay-z. They control people with there music. They killed Micheal Jackson and others they blew up the towers the governments in it also you guys ( Full Answer )

What is the lyrics for 'Amazing' by Kanye West?

Amazing by Kanye West. It's amazing, I'm the reason Everybody fired up this evening I'm exhausted, barely breathing Holding on to what i believe in No Matter What That'll never take from me My reign is as far as your eyes can see It's amazin', so amazin', so amazin', so amazin' It's amazin', so ( Full Answer )

Does Kanye West worships the devil?

yes. he does worship the devil he admitted it and many people have put videos on but dont believe everything u hear.

Who found Kanye West?

At the age of 20, West co-produced tracks for Harlem World and the Mad Rapper. Kanye`s unique talent made him stand out above the crowd. His use of live instrumentation and vintage R&B samples gave his work an emotional honesty and warmth that was not spread at that time. His soulful approach to hip ( Full Answer )

Did Kanye have his mom killed?

After becoming famous for the songs he wrote about his mother, Kanye West paid for his mother to have plastic surgery, which she wanted to have. However, something went wrong with the surgery, and she ended up getting a heart attack and dying. So, although Kanye is not directly responsible for his m ( Full Answer )

Is Kanye West from illuminate?

no he is not, this is a popular rumor that started with false information and picture editing, he has made it obvious that he is religious, example: his song "Jesus walks", Other celebrated that are accused of being illuminate are Jay-z, beyonce, lebron James, and Kobe Bryant.

Why did Kanye West write runaway?

The meaning of the song Runaway by Kanye West is far too complex; to be honest I believe that it has several meanings. Most of it, of some sorts, acts as an universal apology. In simpler words, he has written this song to apologize to the world and not only acknowledge, but also accept and admit ( Full Answer )

Is Kanye West Illuminati?

No, the Illuminati is not an organization of singers or artists ofany kind. The Illuminati was an organization (1776-1785) of enlightenedintellectuals whose goal was the overthrow of an oppressivemonarchy. They were very unsuccessful in their endeavor becausethat monarch successfully destroyed the ( Full Answer )

Did Kanye West work at the gap?

Yes he did. He references working there in his song Spaceship on "The College Dropout" album.

Did Kanye West die on October 17th?

Yes, sadly, Kanye West passed away last night around 9:34 P.M. Causes are unknown but his agent confirmed it. Your music will continue to inspire the world. RIP Kanye West, 1977 - 2012

What is Kanye West latest album?

His latest solo album is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy released in 2010. His latest collaboration album is Cruel Summer released in 2012.