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Liber Eliensis 371, ed. E.O. Blake Camden Society, 3rd ser., xcii, 1962) writes that he died of dysentery. The symptoms, stomach disorders, may have been cramps but a contemporary, Gervase of Canterbury, describes internal bleeding. These appear to be classic dystentery symptoms. Causes of dystentery are poor hygiene and contaminated food and water. Stephen, perhaps up to a week before the onset of symptoms, would have ingested the dystentery bacteria that proceeded to attack his intestal lining. Had he lived today, modern medical procedures would have saved him. Liber Eliensis 371, ed. E.O. Blake Camden Society, 3rd ser., xcii, 1962) writes that he died of dysentery. The symptoms, stomach disorders, may have been cramps but a contemporary, Gervase of Canterbury, describes internal bleeding. These appear to be classic dystentery symptoms. Causes of dystentery are poor hygiene and contaminated food and water. Stephen, perhaps up to a week before the onset of symptoms, would have ingested the dystentery bacteria that proceeded to attack his intestal lining. Had he lived today, modern medical procedures would have saved him.
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Who is Stephen King?

Stephen King is the most AMAZING horror movie/book writer ever! I have read all but 3 of his novels, and I love his short stories! He wrote "Carrie" (his first novel) and it became a movie in 1979, with a second one in 1999. From what I read, he is also a director. He wrote sleepwalkers, as well as ( Full Answer )

Where does Stephen King live?

He has three homes, one in Bangor and one in Lovell, both in Maine, and a mansion in Sarasota, Florida.

Where does Stephen King get his ideas for his books?

I get my ideas from everywhere. But what all of my ideas boil downto is seeing maybe one thing, but in a lot of cases it's seeing twothings and having them come together in some new and interestingway, and then adding the question 'What if?' 'What if' is alwaysthe key question. ( Full Answer )

What books has Stephen King written?

Carrie Cujo Different Seasons Night Shift The Stand It The Green Mile Pet Semetary Dreamcatcher The Shining Salem's Lot Misery Tommyknockers and many, many more

What is Stephen King famous for?

Stephen Kin is famous for writing horror and suspense novels. Someof his most popular novels include The Green Mile, Carrie and PetCemetery.

How can you email Stephen King?

Stephen King does not have a public email. However, a person canjoin his website and write on his message board. A person can alsosend fanmail to his publishing company.

What is the best Stephen King book?

It all depends on your own personal taste, of course. My personal favourites are The Stand, Desperation and It, although, honestly the only one I have read that I didn't enjoy particularly was Dreamcatcher. The Dark Tower series is fantastic as well, but it is my personal opinion.

What are the titles of the novels by Stephen King?

1960 - People, Places, And Things - Volume 1 (limited edition with Chris Chelsey) . 1964 - The Star Invaders (limited edition) . 1974 - Carrie . 1975 - Salem's Lot . 1977 - The Shining . 1978 - Night Shift (stories) . 1978 - The Stand . 1979 - The Dead Zone . 1980 - Firestar ( Full Answer )

How scary are the Stephen King books?

It depends on which one, and what makes you scared. I wouldn't recommend any of them to children. If you want to start with one that is on the less-scary side and see for yourself, try The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon .

Who was the Clown in Stephen kings it?

Pennywise the Dancing Clown, aka Bob Gray, was a very old entity that crash-landed on the area where eventually Derry, Maine, would be built, and it slept and fed on human fears and misery. The clown was but one of the shapes he adopted to terrify and kill people. Usually his shapes were tailored to ( Full Answer )

Was Stephen King in IT?

No, Stephen King did not appear in IT, but here is a list of movies I retrieved from IMDB that he was in: "Kingdom Hospital" .... Johnny B. Goode (1 episode, 2004) - Finale (2004) TV episode .... Johnny B. Goode "Rose Red" (2002) TV mini-series (uncredited) .... Pizza Delivery Guy "Frasie ( Full Answer )

The body by Stephen King?

The Body is a novella, or short novel written by Stephen King. You can find it in a collection of novellas by Stephen King entitled Different Seasons. In Different Seasons each of the four novellas has a reference to one of the four seasons. The Body has the subtitle of Fall From Innocence. It was l ( Full Answer )

What religion is Stephen King?

His Quote:. "I don't see myself as God's stenographer. As someone who believes in God, believes that God is a logical out growth of the fact that life fits together as well as it does, but that doesn't mean that we know God's mind... There's been a lot of criticism of the book where they say the Go ( Full Answer )

Why did Stephen King write Carrie?

According to an anecdote in his nonfiction book On Writing , he was inspired to write the story that became Carrie after finding a used feminine hygiene product while cleaning up a woman's bathroom during a summer job.. To continue the story, his wife (fellow author Tabitha King) fished the firs ( Full Answer )

Which movies did Stephen King not appear in?

Stephen King has only appeared in seven theatrical movies [as ofApril 2017] so not counting TV series & mini-series there arehundreds if not well over a thousand movies he had not appeared insince he became well known.

What are all the Stephen king books?

Carrie . 1974. novel. 199. 'Salem's Lot . 1975. novel. 439. World Fantasy Award nominee, 1976 [2] +. The Shining . 1977. novel. 447. Rage . 1977. novel. 211. as Richard Bachman. Night Shift . 1978. collection. 336. The Stand . 1978. novel. 823. Original edition World Fa ( Full Answer )

Is Stephen King the author Jewish?

No. But he's NOT Catholic either. Stephen King was raised in the Methodist faith. But the rest of the stuff you wrote is pretty accurate. He "does not regularly attend Mass". And Mr. King does not consider "himself to be religious, and not in the sense that he attends church and preachers." N ( Full Answer )

What is Stephen kings wifes name?

Tabitha King . King owns two houses, one in Bangor and one in Center, Lovell, Maine, while he and his wife regularly spend winter in their waterfront mansion located off the Gulf of Mexico, in Sarasota, Florida. He and Tabitha have three children and three grandchildren. Tabitha King has publ ( Full Answer )

Is Misery by Stephen King scary?

haha heck no its not scary at all its about this women kidnaps this famous writer when he got in a car wreck and she is obsessed with him and wont let him go she breaks his legs and everything i think that's the least scary movie that Stephen kings wrote it don't have no monsters scary faces or noth ( Full Answer )

How does king Stephen die?

He doesn't. Jake pushes him out of the way, and is killed himself (in The Dark Tower's last installment).

Is Stephen King in all his movies?

In short, yes. Stephen King makes an appearance in all of his films. Whether it is a cameo by voice or physical appearance he is in them. Just like Stan Lee is in all of his movies. You'd have to look to spot him though, if you aren't looking for him you might miss him, it is usually just seconds.

Is Stephen King a live?

I believe the term is "alive" and yes, he is 63 years old and still writing.

What is a qoute from Stephen King?

Some of Stephen King's most notable quotes are, "People want to know why I do this, why I write such gross stuff. I like to tell them I have the heart of a small boy, and I keep it in a jar on my desk." "I am the literary equivalent of a Big Mac and fries." "I've killed enough of the world's t ( Full Answer )

What is Stephen kings' it about?

The book is about an awful spirit who can change shapes to be whatever you are afraid of. So Georgie the first charachter to die, was afraid of monsters so "It" was a Clown that gave Georgie a balloon and then told him to reach down and get his toy paper boat. "It" then changes to an incredebly stro ( Full Answer )

What is the target audience of Stephen King?

well his target is to slightly frighten the audience(viewers and readers), but at the same time he wants them to be entertained and well that's just my opinion

What are Stephen kings political views?

Democratic. He's very politically active, even though it's a scary thought. His characters are scary, but he's actually a very intelligent and open person.

Which novel was not written by Stephen King?

If this was multiple choice, it may be answerable. Stephen King may have been prolific but almost all novels in human history have not been written by him.

Why is Stephen King so important?

Stephen King is important because unlike most commercial fiction writers, he has writing talent...and great ideas. He's most famous because of those ideas. Stephen King steps beyond the boundaries of most fiction writers. He crawls into the dark spaces where no one else is bold enough to reach. Who ( Full Answer )

Does Stephen King have any rewards?

Read all of his books and he'll teach you how to write. Write a manuscript, get it published, make a lot of money. There you go, that's his reward. If you mean "Awards" and not "Rewards" then you stated the question wrong.

Is Stephen King a realist?

Yes and no. His terse sentences, everyday language and blue-collar characters are all tools in the "realist" writer's toolbox. This technique is used to ground the fantastic element in his work and achieve the suspension of disbelief in the reader - this is called "achieving verisimilitude." The ( Full Answer )

Where does Stephen King get his character ideas?

From his head. King's pen name for 6 novels was Richard Bachman, aka his 'Dark Half', also a novel by King. He's a lot of different people caught in one body, like we all are, only he knows how to decipher them MUCH better than the everyday human. His modus operandi is Emotions, and how to describe ( Full Answer )

Five books by Stephen King?

Five horror books by King: . It . The Stand . Cell . Pet Semetary . The Shining Five non-genre-specific titles: . The Green Mile . The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon . The Dome . Insomnia . Hearts in Atlantis

What is the sequel to Stephen King the tailsman?

Its called Black House. I have about 70 pages left until im finished. It is very good and I recommend it if you have read the talisman or the dark tower books as there are many connections.

What is Stephen Kings Technique for writing?

He does not outline in advance but once he has the inspiration fora story, he lets it be the guide for what comes next. You can readmore about his technique in his book, On Writing A Memoir of the Craft.

Who is the hero of The Shining by Stephen King?

Danny, the little boy with the shining. He'll stare as an adult in a sequel to the novel that comes out in 2013 titled "Dr. Sleep". Danny used his mental abilities to save his mother and Dick Hallorann. And The Shining is a real thing, though it's under another name; it's called applied faith and me ( Full Answer )

Does Stephen King do charity work?

Stephen King paid for the renovation and expansion of the public library in Bangor, Maine. He also built a state of the art Little League stadium there, as well as a bandstand in the park. He is also active in campaigns to promote literacy and find publishers for struggling writers.

Why does Stephen king write about his fears?

He has joked about this by saying that some people pay a therapistto talk about their fears but he writes about them and other peoplepay him to read about them.

What is the latest book by Stephen King?

The latest book currently available by Stephen King is The Dark Tower- The Wind through the Keyhole. First edition was released in April 2012 in various formats, including Hardcover and audio.

Is it true that Stephen King has retired?

Not yet. I'm writing but I'm writing at a much slower pace thanpreviously and I think that if I come up with something really,really good, I would be perfectly willing to publish it becausethat still feels like the final act of the creative process,publishing it so people can read it and you can get ( Full Answer )

Why did Stephen King become a writer?

The answer to that is fairly simple-there was nothing else I wasmade to do. I was made to write stories and I love to writestories. That's why I do it. I really can't imagine doing anythingelse and I can't imagine not doing what I do.

Has Stephen King won an Oscar?

No. But Frank Darabont's "The Shawshank Redemption," an adaptationof a 1982 story by King, was nominated as Best Picture of 1994.