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How did larent clerc help the deaf?

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Laurent Clerc is famous because he founded a first America School for Deaf with Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet. He made a big influence on the education of Deaf.

Laurent Clerc and Thomas H Gallaudent

Define teacher>? The first teacher of signing was probally Laurent Clerc, a french citizen who had worked with deaf and Deaf people in France, and had helped in the development of ASL here.

In the US, it would either be Thomas Gallaudet or Laren Clerc.

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet & Laurent Clerc

The oldest permanent school for the deaf in the U.S is the American School for the Deaf or ASD. It was founded by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc on April 15, 1817 in Hartford, Connecticut.

The first school for the Deaf was founded by Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet wanted to find a way to teach deaf children. His neighbor Mason Gogswell had a deaf daughter, Alice, and Gogswell did not want her locked away in a mental institution, as was common practice during those times. Thomas left the U.S. in search of a way to educate deaf people, in 1816, while in England seeking their method of educating the deaf he attended a deaf-mute show which featured it's star pupil: Laurent Clerc, a brilliant deaf student from France. Gallaudet convinced Clerc to come to the U.S. and help set up a school and hence in 1817 the first school for the Deaf opened in Hartford Connecticut. Source: "Learning to See: Teaching American Sign Language as a Second Language" by Sherman Wilcox and Phyllis Perrin Wilcox (Pp. 17-19)

The spelling clerc is the common word "clerk" in French. It is used in the proper names Clerc and Leclerc.

John Braidwood opened the first American school for deaf children in 1815. The Braidwood school in Cobb, Virginia would be shut down by 1817. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet and Laurent Clerc founded the American School for the Deaf in April, 1817.

No, Alexander didn't think too highly of Deaf people, even though his wife was Deaf. Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet brought sign language from France (along with Laurent Clerc, a Deaf man, also French) to the United States.

Patrice Clerc was born in 1949.

Vincent Clerc is 178 cm.

Albert Clerc died in 1918.

Albert Clerc was born in 1830.

Thomas Hopkins Gallaudet's neighbor had a daughter named Alice, who was Deaf and had no language. This was in the early 1800's, at there was no school for the Deaf at this time, nor really any sort of Deaf education. (the solution at that time was to put your deaf child in an institute.) Gallaudet traveled to Europe in to learn how they taught their Deaf, at the few schools they had. He met Laurent Clerc, a French Deaf Educator, and brought him with him to America. Clerc used FSL, French sign language, that was combined with Gallaudet's signs, student signs, home signs, etc, and it evolved into American Sign Language. ASL, like all languages, has a much more in depth history, but hopefully this overview gives you a general idea. You can also check out, or take a Deaf culture class if available in your area.

Julien Clerc was born on October 4, 1947.

Laurent Clerc was born on 1785-12-26.

Laurent Clerc died on 1869-07-18.

François Clerc was born on 1983-04-18.

Aurélien Clerc was born on 1979-08-26.

Michel Le Clerc was born in 1622.

Michel Le Clerc died in 1691.

Serge Clerc was born on 1957-10-12.

Sebastien Le Clerc was born in 1637.

Sebastien Le Clerc died in 1714.

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