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Neither side could make charges of thousands of troops anymore in the face of massed machine guns. The British Army lost 60,000 troops in a couple of months trying to break the German lines. So, both sides dug in, used cannon to blast out the enemy, or poison gas to burn out the enemy, and trench warware became the way to do things.

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Q: How did machine guns cause trench warfare?
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What led to trench warfare?

Rapid fire machine guns

What led to the trench warfare?

Rapid-fire machine guns

What type of warefare brought world war 1 to a stalemate?

The invention of machine guns, gas warfare and trench warfare

What innovation led to trench warfare?

The common use of Machine Guns in infantry warfare gave birth to the need for Trenches.

New World War 1 weapons that led to trench warfare?

machine guns, artillery

What new technological advances affected trench warfare?

Things like automatic machine guns.

Why did trench warfare cause stalemate in World War I?

Because in trench warfare, defense is easy, but offense is costly and difficult. Charging headlong into rows of machine guns is almost always a disaster. So if you can't advance, and neither can your enemy, you get a stalemate.

What was the most common death in the trenches?

The most common deaths in the trench warfare were shot by machine guns, afterwards to solve the problems of the machine guns tanks were introduced

What type of weapons were used in trench warfare?

Machine guns, flame throwers, tanks, planes, bombs, & grinades

Why are machine-guns placed just behind the front line?

In the days of trench warfare, they were. In modern times, they are not.

What kind of weapons were used during the trench warfare?

During the trench warfare soldiers used infantry weapons, tanks, machine guns, artillery, and mortars. In addition, they used flamethrowers, gas, and wire.

What technology did World War 1 have?

World War one featured aerial warfare, artillery, trench warfare, and machine guns ( as well as repeating rifles)

What was the style of fighting in ww1?

There were a few better techniques due to technological advantage, one was trench warfare, gas warfare, the invention of machine guns, grenades, and artillery

What was trench warfare and why was it so deadly?

* The Trench Warfare was when soldiers would dig trenches and lay down in them with machine guns and wait for the enemy to come. They were deadly because it killed hundreds of people all at one time.

The destructiveness of World War 1 was due to?

Modern weapons such as trench warfare, machine guns, barbed wire, and poison gas!

What were the 5 new types of technology in war world 1?

there was chemical warefare,machine guns,Artillery,Trench warfare,and Tanks

Which factor most contributed to the development of trench warfare?

Weapons like machine guns could easily kill troops in the open.

What was used before trench warfare?

World War I was a military conflict that lasted from 1914 to 1918. It was a modern war with airplanes, machine guns, and tanks. However, the commanders often fought World War I as if it were a 19th Century war. They would march their troops across open land into the face of machine guns and often slaughter. War before the 1st World War, were not trench warfare. Steel armor is one kind of warfare that took place before trench warfare.

What is trench warfare and why did it occur?

trench warfare was when world war 1 soldiers starter to dig trenches on the ground to protect themselves from machine gun fire. It occurred because the machine guns where causing a lot of casualties, so they came up with trenches to protect themselves.

Characteristics of trench warfare?

Machine guns Airbursting Artillery Flamethrowers Tank Attacks Mud Blood Misery Trench Raids Barbed Wire Grenades Poison Gas Attacks

What were the weapons in trechwarfare?

The Trench Warfare occurred when a revolution in firepower was not matched in the 1700s. The weapons that were used in the Trench Warfare were swords, clubs, and guns.

Why were guns and trench warfare were such a deadly combination?

Guns and trench warfare were such a deadly combination because a soldier could fire into a foxhole or trench without even looking and fatally would people. Throwing a grenade was very easy too because the people in the trench had nowhere to go to escape.

How did machine guns cause wars?

Machine guns didn't cause wars.

How did modern warfare make this war so destructive?

Powerful weaponry such as machine guns, and poison gas inflicted casulties on a massive scale, as did the costly frontal assaults trench warfare so often entailed

How did trench warfare affect the way battles were fought?

Trenches prevented battles of maneuver, placing the advantage with the defense, especially when coupled with barbed wire and machine guns.