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In the aftermath of the uprisings of Vesey and Turner, many Southern states passed harsher slave laws for the purpose of intimidating slaves to reduce the likelihood of future uprisings. Vesey and Turner refers to Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner.

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How did people in the northern and southern states react to the events of fort Sumter?

The people from the northern and southern states acted very happy with it

How did southern states react to Brown v Board of Education?


How did the Spanish react to the uprising in Cuba?

The policy of reconcentration

How did the national assembly react to peasant uprising?

the national assembly didnt do much they just persuaded louis not to react because louis was scared he tried to escape but he failed the bastille is the uprising

How did the southern states react when Lincoln was elected president in 1860?

11 of them decided to secede from the Union.

How did southern states react to the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860?

Lincoln's election brought about secession from the United States and the formation of the Confederacy.

How did the Soviet Union react to the Hungarian uprising in 1956?

They sent a bunch of tanks and troops to defeat it. Successfully.

How did the candian government react to the Winnipeg strike?

The RCMP were sent to put down the uprising which was disrupting the operations of the city.

In April 1943 how did Jews in Warsaw react against deportation?

They rebelled in the Waraw Ghetto Uprising (April-May, 1943).

Why did the peasants react to the aristocratic lords?

Until there was an uprising in the 1300's they followed directions. Not following directions could mean death.

How do you think the southern states will react when the slaves trade is made illegal in 1808?

They respond by encouraging breeding among the slave-families, and a vigorous trade at slave-auctions.

How did North Carolina governor john Ellis react to lincolns order for all states to place their state militias under control of the us army?

NC refused to send troops to subject their sister southern states.

How did whites react to Nat turner's rebellion?

the most famous rebellion was led by nat turner in 1831.

How did latin American nations react to united states intervention?

they react cause they wanted buns on the bout

Why did some white Americans especially in the deep south react negativily towards the decision of brown v board of education?

a. They feared desegregation would lead to violence and chaos in some southern states.

How do the southern men react when the war is officially declared Gone with the win ?

pretty scared

How did the southern states react to the election of Abraham Lincoln?

they did not likee it .(: muahaaa , soo everyonee who is lookingg this up onlinee beacausee mr.bowman gives us alot of homeworkk , im the one who made this answer uppp .(: -kayla bmmms .(:

How did the united states react when us troops were attacked in Somalia?

The United States withdrew troops from Somalia.

How did the people of Puerto Rico react when the United states invaded?

They joined the United States to fight the Spanish.

How did southern states react to the Constitution provisions regarding slavery?

In the Dred Scott case, the Supreme Court had declared that slavery was protected by the Constitution. So the South felt it was acting lawfully, and that Congress was incorrect in trying to outlaw slavery.

How did the south react to Abraham election as president in 1860?

the help of the states

How did the south react to Abraham Lincolns election as president in 1860?

They started to succeed ,originally the only reason the Civil War actually started was because Lincoln didn't want to lose southern states , but he used it to end slavery also.

How did the southerners react to the abolitionists?

slavery was vital to southern life, many residents feared that their way of life was attacked

How did the southern members of Congress react to the Brown ruling?

They vowed to oppose the Brown ruling through all "lawful means."

How did the United states react to the rise of expansionist dictatorships in Europe and Asia?

Most Americans wanted the United States to stay out of foreign conflicts

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