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Mincemeat was originally a conglomeration of bits of meat, dried fruit and spices, created as an alternative to smoking or drying for preservation, a variant form of sausage. Mincemeat containing actual meat has become less common over the years. The customary form today typically consists of raisins, spices, grated apple, and animal suet, though many commercial varieties use hard vegetable fat instead, making it completely vegetarian. Mincemeat may also contain currants, candied fruits, and brandy, rum or other liquor. This mixture can be made at home, but is also available either canned or bottled. The most common use is in the Christmas mince pie or mincemeat tart, but there are many kinds of pastry containing mincemeat. See also fruitmince. The first mincemeat factory was in Port Byron, New York, using a recipe patented by Dr. Julius Allen. His patent was voided in 1895.

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How do you use mincemeat in a sentence?

I can remember when mincemeat actually had meat in it.

Is Borden's nonesuch mincemeat gluten free?

The condensed mincemeat is gluten free, the jar versions are not.

Where can you find the boxed mincemeat in Tucson AZ?

Where can I find Borden's None Such Mincemeat in Tucson, AZ?

How many calories in one tablespoon of Mincemeat?

1 tablespoon of mincemeat contains about 29 calories.

How many calories in 1 tbsp of mincemeat?

In 1 tablespoon of mincemeat there are roughly 29 kcal.

Where can you buy mincemeat for pie filling in Phoenix Arizona?

Any major grocery store will have mincemeat.

Do they still make none such mincemeat?

Yes they do you can order it online just search none such mincemeat

Who invented mincemeat?

my mom

Where do mince pies get their name from?

The definition of mince is to cut into tiny pieces, such as finely chopped food, especially mincemeat. ----

Where does a mincemeat pie originate from?


What is the compound word for mince?


What is mincemeat?

Mincemeat is a mixture of currants, raisins, sugar, apples, candied citrus peel, spices, and suet, usually used in pies.

What is mincemeat made out of?

Mincemeat is made from a mixture of different things. The major contents of mincemeat are dried and chopped up fruits, spices and distilled spirits. Some people will also add in chopped beef, beef suet or chopped venison.

Why is mincemeat called mincemeat?

Mincemeat depending on where you are from can mean minced beef, minced pork, minced fowl, or minced nut and fruit meats mixed with suet (beef fat). And there are a few "mincemeats" with no meat products [just fruit and nut "meats"].

Where can you buy Borden's nonesuch mincemeat?


What do you need to make Mince pies?


Why is mincemeat named as such but contains no meat?

Originally Mincemeat pies were made with meat in them, but this has been replaced almost entirely in modern times with dried fruit and nuts.

What is minced meat pie?

Mincemeat pies are pies made with mincemeat. Years ago, they were served as a main dish. Now, they are served as a dessert, often on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Today, mincemeat refers to a spiced mixture of chopped raisins and apples and other ingredients with or without meat. Originally, mincemeat was a way to preserve meat, which was cut up small and other ingredients were added. It was canned for storage.

Where in Seattle can you buy nonsusch mincemeat?

Fred Meyer has it.

What is mincemeat pie?

a pie with minced-meat and occasionally peas

Mincemeat pie is normal made with what kind of meat?


Which popular Christmas food was an American discovery?

mincemeat pie

What are the compound words with the word meat?


What is a 9 letter word for a Christmas food ingredient?


Where to buy Borden mincemeat in Savannah GA?

at a butcher store