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How did names get invented?

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A name gets invented by what they look like or sometimes there looks that have meanings.


Cassidy means Curly hair,clever,ingenius.Thats is what my sister looks like and acts like.

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Why are names invented?

names are invented because so people call you by your name and not call you that girl or that boy

Who invented iPods what is they names?


Who invented vegetables names?


What were the names of the people who invented the internet?

Mr. Kamal Ahmad invented the internet Mr. Irfan Alam invented the invented

Who invented the names for geometric shapes?

the Romans

What are the names of newly invented materials?

darmstatium ^ ^

Who invented the names for colors?

Chuck Norris;

What are some names Shakespeare invented?


What was the names of the scientist who invented wireless radio waves?

Electromagnetic wave were discovered not invented.

Who invented the names odd and even numbers?

George Washington invented odd and even numbers.

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Who invented the tie?

Croatian mercenaries I don't know there names

Were there malls in the 1940s?

the malls were invented by alyssa and tori. ( their last names are unknown) they invented this shopping mall in 1785

How were names of animal invented?

Animals names originated with descriptions of the animal. Over many years and translations through different languages we now have the modern names.

Who invented the names for certain colors?

red blue yellow black

When were colors invented?

When the ancient people viewing them started giving them names.

Who invented names?

Well, I guess no one really invented names. People would probably make a sound to catch someone's attention when they didn't have any way of communication, and that exact sound would be what everyone would say to that person. So, no one invented them. Not really.

What is a name of a caveman artist?

They left no names on the cave walls. We don't even know if they had names. Anyway writing had not been invented.

How was Leo Baekland like when he invented plastic?

who is Leo Baekland parets names?

When was the law for drink driving invented?

the names and dates of the main peice of legislation

Who invented the first sock?

Our Ancestors. It is prehistory so there are no names, but definetely our ancestors.

Who invented beds?

the friends from caribou island invented beds by laying on a goat and calling it a bed. their names were Sada Dosidingler and Chimmy Blackenbutler

What language was chosen for scientific names?

I think it is Latin. Most names in Taxonomy and many other scientific names are Latin. There are quite a few exceptions such as the names of elements and laws/equipment that were named after the people who discovered or invented them.

Who invented underwear and why?

Underwear was invented by a French Jew by the name of Jacques E. Schwartz. Or, possibly by three men, names Bradley, Voorhees & Day.

What are the names of the 2 people who invented the Apple computer?

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.