How did nasa get the Mars rover on Mars?

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The Spirit and Opportunity rovers were each launched on an Atlas V rocket, travelled throughout space for about 6 months, then parachuted through Mars's atmosphere and landed by Inflating large airbags around their protective landing shells and dropping to the ground.
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What are the Mars rovers?

Answer Check out NASA . Mars rovers are robots equiped with cameras and other gear made to roll on the uncertain terrain of mars in other words they rove around Mars. They also pick up soil etc. for analysis.

When did the Mars rover land on Mars?

Two rovers of different kinds have landed on Mars. The first Mars Rover landed in 1997. The first Mars Navigator landedin 2004.

How The Mars Rovers Got To Mars?

Every artificial satellite, section of the Space Station, Hubble Space Telescope, space probe, orbiter, or lander, including each of the Mars rovers, was the payload of a rocket that was launched from Earth and navigated to its destination.

How much does the Mars rover weigh on Mars?

On Earth, the Spirit and Opportunity rovers each weigh about 408 lbs.Surface gravity on Mars is 38% that of Earth, so each rover weighs about155 lbs there. The mass of Curiosity is 899 kilograms. That massweighs 8,816 newtons (1,982 pounds) on Earth and 3,336 newtons (750 pounds) on Mars.

What is Mars rover?

The mars rover is a robot sent to mars to take samples and pictures for scientists to analyse back on earth, for detailed information i suggest Wikipeia

Has NASA gone to mars?

NASA has sent a number of space craft to Mars, including a surveyor and several rovers. More missions are planned.

How did NASA find out about Mars?

People have known about Mars since ancient times. Indeed, its name comes to us from the ancient Romans who associated it with their god of war (Mars) because of the planet's red color. Nasa probably found out about mars from going to school. Most of the people who were hired at NASA back in its e ( Full Answer )

How did they get the Mars rover on Mars?

its like a rocket. it went by it self. but people controled it with a remote . its like a rocket. it went by it self. but people controled it with a remote

How did the Mars rovers git on Mars?

2 of Mars rovers spirit and opportunity land on mars by when it entered its atmosphere airbags inflated and a parachute opened. when it landed it unfolded and the mars rovers rolled out

What have the Mars rovers found on Mars?

The Mars Rover called the Phoenix Lander found ice on the polar ice cap on Mars. There have not been any other discoveries on Mars but Mars Rovers are still searching...........

What did the Mars rover find on Mars?

The Martian rovers discovered that the geology is base on sulphate rocks and not carbonate rocks as seen on Earth. The atmosphere is a reducing one rather than an oxidising one as here on Earth and accounts for the orange hue to all the rocks. Water must have flowed in vast quantities in the past bu ( Full Answer )

When was the Mars rover put on Mars?

Sojourner landed in July 1997 and communications were lost in September of that year. Spirit landed in January 2004, and is still functioning but it is stuck in sand. But data is still collected from it. Opportunity also landed in January 2004 and it still functional.

Are all the Mars rovers from NASA?

Yes. As far as is known, the only research vehicles presently operating on the Martian surface are those placed there by the US, and the US' space exploration program is the only one to have landed hardware on Mars so far.

When did the Mars rovers get parashooted to Mars?

The two Mars rovers namely opportunity and spirit were shot to Marsin 1997 and 2006 respectively. Their aim was to send signals frommars back to earth to give researchers a better understanding ofwhat goes on in Mars.

Is there a rover on Mars?

As of December 2011, there are at least two of them on the surface, and another one is on the way.

How were the Mars Rovers sent to Mars?

The Mars rover got on Mars in these pods that opened up when they got there and then the Mars rover started building up and there are two there right now and one is called Spirit and the other is called Hope.

How long has the Mars rover bin on Mars?

The Mars rover has been on the planet Mars since 2004. On July 27,2014, the rover broke the off-Earth world driving record when itaccrued 25 miles.

When did scientists send the Mars rover to Mars?

Launch dates:Mars 2(Prop-M) - 19th of May 1971 Mars 3(Prop-M) - 28th of May 1971 Sojourner - 4th of December 1996 PLUTO - 2nd of june 2003 Spirit - 10th of june 2003 Opportunity - 7th of July 2003 Curiosity - 26th of November 2011

What took the Mars rovers to Mars?

There have been 5 rovers sent to Mars: Mars 2 Prop-M rover was launched by a Proton K Rocket and carried by the orbiter. Mars 3 Prop-M rover was launched by a Tyazheliy Sputnik Rocket and carried by the orbiter. Sojourner rover was launched by a Delta II rocket and carried by the Pathfinder Orbi ( Full Answer )

What can the Mars Rover do?

Nothing except pick up rock samples. Joke: The Mars Rover can do the moon walk.

What is the Mars rover on looking for on Mars?

Things that earth doesn't have , like aliens . By: Donny Heitler ==== Thanks Donny. Nice job. The rovers are not looking for aliens on Mars. And how do you know there are none on Earth ? Now go to your room.

How long does a Mars rover last on Mars?

There's no specific time limit for how long a rover can last on Mars. Accidents and mechanical failure can affect the ability of a rover to survive. The Opportunity rover has so far been working almost non-stop for seven years. Its twin rover Spirit has not been heard from in almost a year and m ( Full Answer )

What are the Mars rover?

Spirit and Opportunity are the 2 current rovers Pathfinder was the name of the last rover Curiosity is the name of the rover currently under development (2/9/2011)

What do the rovers on Mars do?

One of them currently isn't doing anything but sitting there; it's unlikely that it will start working again, since it already exceeded its original planned mission time by a factor of twenty or so. If it does ever respond again, it will probably do so within the month, since it's Martian summer whe ( Full Answer )

What does a Mars rover do on Mars?

It explores the surface of mars and it is a robot like feature. It shows the surface of mars and the NASA people can see what is happening on mars. They're seeing if there are traces of water too.

Why Mars rover went to Mars?

Robotic probes are sent to other plants to obtain scientific information. This can be described as an exercise in pure science (rather than applied science) because we do not have any immediate practical need for information about the planet Mars, it's just information that scientists want to have, ( Full Answer )

Why is NASA exploring mars?

Just to explore it to find out things about it and why is there ice on the bottom of it and to study it's rocks and stuff like that. But some people say they are looking for alien life. But who knows, could be both.

Has NASA ever visited Mars?

NO. because we can't get past the magnetic field of earth...that was a sci-fi movie that they made...

How does NASA explain the face on Mars?

The "Face" on Mars that was captured by early space probe Viking 1 in 1976, was again captured by NASA's Mars Global Surveyor in 1998, using HD cameras. It shows that it's just a natural rock mesa formation. You can view a HD pic of it at the link below.

Why nasa create a Mars rover?

Since Mars is an unknown place, at first the machines pass the ground and send photoes, analysis sands, stones, climate of the Mars surface.

Which place nasa rover curiosity landed on mars?

After the Rover landed the NASA team named the landing site, Gale Crater in honour of Walter Frederick Gale, an amateur astronomer from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia who made observations of Mars in the 19th centuary.

Is the Mars rover looking for life on Mars?

Yes they are. Here are the two Mars rovers who is looking for life on Mars, Curiosity and it's unnamed twin rover which going to be launch in 2020. Others say that other Mars rover like Spirit and Opportunity is looking for life, they are not looking for life. They are looking for water. Curiosity i ( Full Answer )

How many Mars rovers do NASA have?

So far, Nasa has successfully acquired four Mars rovers: the Mars Pathfinder, Sojourner, Opportunity, and the Spirit. These were managed by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the Mars Science Laboratory.

How does the Mars rover move around Mars?

On wheels, driven by electrical motors. It moves very slowly, transmitting pictures and data to an orbiting relay station and then to Earth; controllers on Earth review the data, and transmit new commands to the Mars rovers. Think of it as the solar system's slowest radio-controlled toy car.

When did the three Mars rovers get on Mars?

There have been four successful rover landings on Mars. Two ofthose rovers are still operational. Sojourner landed on Mars on July 4, 1997. Spirit landed on Mars on January 4, 2004. Opportunity landed on Mars on January 25, 2004. Curiosity landed on Mars on August 10, 2012. As of November 2 ( Full Answer )