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How did native Americans treat the pilgrims?

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How did the pilgrims treat the Native Americans?

really really bad

How did the pilgrims relationship with the native Americans change?

How did the relationship between the pilgrims & native Americans change

What did the pilgrims do that angered the Native Americans?

The Pilgrims used the Native Americans pretty much as slaves and took over their lands. The Pilgrims were not able to survive without the skills of the Native Americans.

How did the Native Americans help the Pilgrims survive?

The Native Americans helped the Pilgrims survive by showing them how to plant, hunt, and fish.

How did the Native Americans help the Plymouth Pilgrims?

Native Americans helped the Plymouth Pilgrims by,teaching them how to grow crops and fish.

What group of the native Americans live in Plymouth when the pilgrims arrived?

what group of native Americans that lived in Plymouth when the pilgrims arrived

How do the Americans treat the Native Americans?

the americans treat them well

What was the reason trouble started between the pilgrims and the Native Americans?

The Pilgrims didn't respect the Native Americans, and so conflicts arose.

Did the pilgrims fight the native Americans before fighting in Cuba?

The Pilgrims got along with the Native Americans and never fought in Cuba.

Why did the pilgrims and native American have a thanks giving?

because the pilgrims taught the Native Americans how to farm.

Why did the Pilgrims kill the Native Americans?

At first the Pilgrims and the Native Americans got along well but as more and more settlers arrived and they demanded more land, the relationship between the Native Americans and the Pilgrims snapped and they went to battle in King Philip's War.

How many pilgrims were at the feast?

13 pilgrims and 90 Native Americans

The governor who made the treaty between pilgrims and native Americans?

John Carver was the governor that made the treaty between the pilgrims and the native Americans

Who taught the Pilgrims how to plant?

The Native Americans.

Who helped the pilgrims to America?

The Native Americans

Who was at the pilgrims feast in 1621?

native americans

Did pilgrims help Native Americans?


Did the pilgrims sign a treaty with the Native Americans?


What life saving skills did Native Americans teach the Pilgrims?

Native Americans taught pilgrims how to grow crops native to America. They also taught them how to fish, as well as hunt.

How did native americans help pilgrims?

The Native Americans helped the pilgrims by teaching them what foods could be grown in America and how to grow them. They also taught them how to build housing.

How did the native Americans help pilgrims surivive?

native Americans thought the pilgrims how to fish, farm, herd, to build houses,and to hunt. hope this helped you :D

Did Columbus treat the native Americans badly?

No, Columbus did not treat the Native Americans badly. However, it is written in history that his men did treat them badly.

Who helped pilgrims in America?

The Squanto Native Americans.

Who taught the pilgrims how to build houses?

Native Americans.

When did the pilgrims meet the Native Americans?

67yrs. ago