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The destructive nature of the technology led to higher casualties

Weapons 'tech' is not a science. Advances in technology are typically the application of scientific work, and don't in themselves provide input to the sciences.

Answer this question… They allowed small European armies to defeat larger African and Asian forces when invading territory.

it can affect the technology because of the gravity of earth

How do technology advances affect the spread and use of the internet?How do technology advances affect the spread and use of the internet?

World War I ended the Ottoman Empire. After the Treaty of Versailles, the Ottoman Sultanate was disbanded and the Young Turks took power in Ankara.

As in Europe, Japan, and North America, the introduction of gunpowder and firearms affected politics since typically only the existing central governments had the funds and the infrastructure to purchase or manufacture such weapons and train a standing army to use them. This served to make it more difficult to overthrow an existing government, regardless of it's level of corruption and civic disinterest.

it would affect it because they had no weapons.

Technology did not affect the outcome. As the war progressed new technological inventions were used, like chemical weapons, used the first time by Germany in 1915. But both sides progressed at the same rate, no one had an advantage over the other in technology.

it can affect because of the technology some hrm cannot determine wether the worker can use or can operate with the use of technology!!1

I really don't know someone help me out

Because the physics optimistic the technology without physics there can be technology.

Technology can pollute the water cycle.

advancements in technology mean degradation of nature. technical developments invariably affect climate..

how science and technology affect peoples beliefs on thinking

the children may affect on chemical technology cause by addicted to a example laptop,computer

i think it did because it might startt war or something

Weapons and attics used during World War 1 affect a lot of number of deaths. I mean with the technology of tanks that were very harmful. Also machine guns that could fire fast and kill a lot of people. Also aircraft that dropped explosive stuff.

Some of the new technologies of World War I led to devastating casualties. These new weapons included machine guns and poison gas.

is the time of digitization... technology has huge affect on any distribution..its either product or either news

You cant use technology without electricity?

The Romans did not have inferior technology. They had superb engineering.

Europeans had to find new trade routes to the East because the Ottoman Empire controlled and taxed existing routes.

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