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Nurses treated soldiers in world war one...

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Q: How did nurses treat wounded soldiers in World War 1?
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How did nurses treat soldiers in the civil war?


Woman who went into Virginia battlefields to treat wounded soldiers?

Clara barton

Doctors in World War 2?

Australian doctors during World War II had the same responsibilities as doctors from other countries. They had to treat the wounded and treat illnesses caused by the poor conditions soldiers had to endure.

A sentence with the word gently?

Treat the wounded soldier gently.

How did Japanese treat prisoners of war in World War 2?

They treated the US soldiers terribly.

How did the french treat black soldiers during World War 1?

made yah look

Who is the woman who went into Virginia battlefields to treat wounded soldiers?

Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross, brought supplies of bandages to the surgeons at the Battle of Cedar Mountain, Virginia, and carried food and water to the wounded. Surgeon James Dunn named her the "angel of the battlefield".

What are perinatal nurses legally responsible for?

Prenatal nurses are there to treat patients, who are children. They ensure that their patients are comfortable and that they are receiving the best care.

How did the Japanese treat the prsioners during World War 2?

Roughly! Imperial soldiers considered surrendering to be cowardice. Like Sparta, soldiers were to fight to the death, or not fight at all.

What were the duties of a medieval nurse in a castle?

Nurses did not exist in the medieval period. Castles did not have any medical staff, unless the nobleman in charge had a personal physician, who would not be expected to treat the common soldiers unless ordered to do so.

Did soldiers treat worker on the great wall fair?


On the Bataan Death March which soldiers did the Japanese treat brutally?

The US soldiers that they had defeated on the Phillipines.

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