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Many Germans had thought this anyway, in an undogmatic way, for a long time. Before throwing up your hands in Horror, please remember that for a long time the British had been brought up to believe that they were superior to others, and so on. Both the Germans and the British had a big surprise on the battlefield in 1914 ...

Obviously, it's a very long way from thinking one's superior to thinking one can behave as outrageously as one wishes towards other peoples.

On the other hand, deep seated notions of racial, cultural and moral superiority were central to Imperialism.

It's also no secret, for example, that when Cecil Rhodes conceived his plan for the Rhodes Scholarships (in the 1890s) the big idea was to bring together the elites of the British Empire, Germany and the U.S. which, he thought, should rule the whole world together. Ideas of this kind were more common than many history books suggest.

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What is the belief that ones culture is superior to other cultures called?


What is the belief that people of one race are superior to people of other race?


What were the ideological beliefs of Adolf Hitler?

== == That Germans were inherently superior to all other national and racial groups of people, in exactly the same way that humans are superior to animals. Thus Germans had a right to take other people's land and put them to work in any way that suited Germans or simply kill them if they wanted to.

Belief that people of one race are superior to people of other races?

The word is racism.

Why were Jews mistreated in the Holocaust?

Hitler belived that Germans were the superior to any other person. He hated any other person diffrent then them.

Why did the Nazis enslave others?

The Nazis enslaved other people because they believed that the Germans, and whites, were superior to all other races and nationalities.

How was propaganda used to promote genocide?

The German people were convinced that they were far superior to other nationalities who should be slaves to all Germans.

Why do people commit hate crimes?

Due to the belief that their race, sexual orientation, etc is superior to others. Or the belief that other races, sexual orientations, etc are a deviation or inappropriate.

What is racial heritage theory?

Adolf Hitler Stresses the Belief that one race is superior than the other on the Busis of color, built, and other Genetic factors!

Are proverbs more superior than other literary forms in expressing messages?

yes bacause if not what is the traditional ang belief our pass people??

Why did the german kill the Jews?

Hitler disliked the Jews. He was trying to kill all Jews because of their beliefs and because he felt that Jews were not as good as Germans. Hitler thought that Germans were superior and other nationalities should be treated poorly.

What is ethocentricism?

Ethnocentrism by definition is the belief that one's ethnic or cultural group is superior thereby measuring other cultures in respect to one's own subgroup.

What is the superior pole?

Neither are superior to the other.

Who was hitlers other wife?

he didn't have another wife

What is white supremacy?

White Supremacy is the belief that whites are Superior to blacks or any other race.And those who are or believe in white supremacy are often called racist

Does aryan brotherhood hate black people?

The Aryan Brotherhood are a white pride prison gang who follow in hitlers beliefs and thoughts about white people being superior to all other races. they only have alliances with other races for business reasons (drugs).

Why are Germans called Nazis?

Not all of them are/were. Nazis were the followers of certain political ideology/part roughly between 1930-1945. This parti held the belief that there was a special "breed" of "true" Germans - Aryans, who were somehow inherently better than other people.

How did other Germans feel about Hitler's belief that the Germans were superior and needed more living space?

They liked it To elaborate a little, most Germans liked the idea because they were drowning in poverty after the first World War. Quite a few wanted revenge after being defeated. There were also quite a few rumors abound that Jews had been the ones who had betrayed them and caused them to lose, so they didn't think that Jews deserved to remain there. A good percentage disagreed with Hitler's ideas, however, due to their religious beliefs, or because they themselves were Jews.

What was the importance of a swatiska to other countries how did it impact them and in what ways did it impact them?

The swastika is revered as a Hindu emblem that represented a protective energy which acted as a spiritual shield. The belief was adopted by the Germans.

What was hitlers main method for achieving lebensraum?

conquer other countries

Hitlers main method for achieving lebensraum?

invading other countries

What makes man superior from the other animals?

The ability to think is what makes man superior from the other animals.

What was German doing on in World War 2?

The Germans were killing the Jews because the Germans thought the Jews were superior against all other nations and Hitler hired Brown Shirts and Black Shirts. And that was his army. The Brown and Black Shirts were kids in their teen age and agreed to work for Hitler.

Who did the Germans target for the Holocaust?

The Germans targeted anyone who wasn't a pure, healthy, stable Germans. he targeted Jews, gypsies, half Germans, and the disabled Germans, and many other minorities.

Who or what is a Nazi?

A Nazi is a person who believes in Nazism, a political belief closely related to Racism - the belief that people of certain physical characteristics are somehow superior to other people. Particular for Nazism is the theory of the superiority of the Aryan Race(basically white people) over everyone else.