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How did other Germans feel about Hitler's belief that Germans were superior?


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November 02, 2009 9:13PM

Many Germans had thought this anyway, in an undogmatic way, for a long time. Before throwing up your hands in horror, please remember that for a long time the British had been brought up to believe that they were superior to others, and so on. Both the Germans and the British had a big surprise on the battlefield in 1914 ...

Obviously, it's a very long way from thinking one's superior to thinking one can behave as outrageously as one wishes towards other peoples.

On the other hand, deep seated notions of racial, cultural and moral superiority were central to imperialism.

It's also no secret, for example, that when Cecil Rhodes conceived his plan for the Rhodes Scholarships (in the 1890s) the big idea was to bring together the elites of the British Empire, Germany and the U.S. which, he thought, should rule the whole world together. Ideas of this kind were more common than many history books suggest.