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It wasn't because of evolution, or migration into cold weather as some suggest. It was because of mutation of the original genes of Africans. We all know that every person on earth DNA can be traced back to Africa, but Africa used to be a very different place at one point. Blonde hair is a relatively new innovation, but so could the Afro. Our closest common ancestor, the common chimpanzees, do not have afro's or afro textured hair at all. Their hair on their head is straight, thin and dark. Research albinism in Africa for a deeper & clearer understanding of this. And then you will see how the other races came to be.

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Neanderthals had straight hair. When humanoids left Africa around 200,000 years ago they mixed with Neanderthals, creating Caucasians. Likely this trait was passed on from them as well as possibly the genes for lighter skin as well although this could have evolved because of the ice age so skin can absord more vitamin D. Asians merely came from Caucasians about 30,000 years ago so they inherited Caucasian traits like straight hair and the ability to have light skin.

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