How did people react to the first digital camera?

The first digital camera to be widely marketed to consumers was the Apple QuickTake 100. It held 8 images at resolution 640 x 480, was fixed-focus, connected only to a Mac (and it didn't have media cards--you had to connect the camera to a computer to get the pictures off), and cost $750. The reaction was very simple: "You want $750 for THAT? No freakin' way!"
On the professional side, we had Better Light backs for view cameras. They cost $35,000 and had to be tethered to a computer in use. They were also "scanning" backs. Imagine taking a small flatbed scanner, that has to make three scans--one each for red, green and blue parts of the image--and putting it on your bellows camera in place of a film holder. Better Light is still in business and still makes these backs, but they're not as expensive now and the new ones scan all three channels in one pass.