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How did people try to stop the bubonic plague?

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Many ways here is one Witchcraft

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What did the officials do to try to stop the spread of the bubonic plague?

They used antibiotics and did blood letting but bloodletting sometimes led to bubonic plaque

What did people do to try prevent getting bubonic plague in the 14th century?

nothing, they just died off

How did medieval people treat the plague and what did they do to try and stop the plague?

People did not know how to stop the plague. They tried things that smelled good: spices and herbs. But nothing really did help.

Were citizens able to wage war on the Bubonic Plague?

In the Middle Ages, no one yet knew of the existence of germs nor of viruses. So no one really knew an effective way to fight the Bubonic Plague at that time. People did try to fight it with their limited knowledge, but they were mostly unsuccessful at the time.

Why might the plague taken longer to get to England?

Because,the people might try to stop it when it comes to to them.

How did people try to stop rats from spreading the plague?

People captured and killed all rats. They also burnt them after.

How did people attempt the plague from spreading?

To try to stop the Black Plague from spreading, people were taken away when they got sick. The streets were cleaned so there were no rats and fleas.

Where can you find a map of the area affected by the black death?

Try searching in google images: "bubonic plague map"

What did the people do to try to stop the Black death?

they thought that if they carried flowers or if they smoked tobaco or joined the church the plague would stop

How did some people try to stop the plague?

staying away from the sick and moving 2 the country side

What did people do to escape the black death?

In the Middle Ages, all that people could do to try to escape the Bubonic Plague was to flee those places where it was raging, and pray for deliverance. Neither method was particularly effective.

How did people try to stop the plague from spreading?

people cut their contact with outside wall. Killed all the rats and other rodents.

What did sanitation have to do with the spread of the bubonic plague?

The disease spread by fleas being carried around on rats. In the filth and the warmth of the summer heat, the rotting rubbish is a perfect place for bacteria to breed. People living in the infected area had to sanitise in order to try and prevent the disease from spreading. When people died from the plauge, they hardley every let anyone see the deceased to try and stop the spread.

Why didnt they try to stop the Plague Is it something to do with God?

People tried to stop the plague, but they didn't know what caused it. Medical science at that time was very primitive. Some people thought at the time that it was caused by God's wrath, but in fact it was most likely caused by infected fleas carried by rats.

How did the governments of Europe try to stop the Black Plague?

Baby jebus told them to stop it or else they would get stabbed with a pony

What did they have to do to try and stop the black death?

There was little scientific or medical knowledge in the Middle Ages, so most of what they did to try to stop the plague did not have any effect on it. Some things they did were: applied poultices of various foods and substances to the buboes (the swellings caused by the plague); opened the buboes with knives, which actually would make the plague spread faster; various folk medicine or witchcraft remedies such as using a frog applied to the buboes, to try to remove the plague; prayer and blessing by priests, which often resulted in the death of the priest from the plague; blaming minorities and trying to stop the plague by removing the minorities (such as Jews) from their midst; herbal and dietary remedies; flagellation (whipping themselves) was practiced by some in an effort to get God's forgiveness, because they believed the plague was the result of sin. Unfortunately, the flagellation opened wounds on the bodies of such people, giving an easy route for the disease to spread. These people, known as "flagellants," also travelled from town to town to spread their belief that the plague could be stopped in this way, and the fact that they travelled also increased the plague, because they were carrying it with them in their bodies from town to town.

Can the black the black plague be prevented?

No, similar to chicken pox, the average human will contract it at least once. You will develop some immunity, but it is still possible to contract the black or bubonic plague again. It is a powerful disease, and it is important to try to contract it as early as possible in order to develop that immunity.

Did anyone try to stop blues music?

people probably try-ed to stop it

What did people use to try and cure the plague?

to get rid of the buboes they used to pop it (yucky)

Did the government of Europe try to stop the black plague and how?

Government? There was no government as we know it today. There were kings, queens and the church. They ran for their lives and left an area when the plague broke out and often kept moving.

What did people try in order to get rid of the plague?

people tried whipping, washing with vinegar. Cutting vein and draining it.

How did they try and stop the bubonic plague?

by burning incents, wearing '' bewitched jewels '' and holding rags dipped in sweet smelling oils to their faces. they thought it was air born but was actually fleas from rats or the '' oriental flea '' . they also lit fires to purify the air but because it was the fleas it killed them off because they were killed by smoke and fire.

How do you avoid plague?

Be good. Try to avoid being bad and no plague will come to you.

What did people do to try and stop the black death?

Improved hygiene and time is what stopped the plague. As the plague started spreading people did not allow others into their communtities and shied away from other people. These things evetually stopped it, everything else is what didn't work.They tried carrying flowers in their pockets, they tried all sorts of herbs, religion, and anything else they could fathom, they were desperate.

Where does bless you originate from?

Two theories, take your pick; 1). An ancient belief was that your spirit was ejected from your body when you sneezed and someone nearby would bless you so that Satan or his demons wouldn't be able to inhabit the stolen body, until the rightful spirit returned. 2). Sneezing was one of the symptoms of the bubonic plague and people around you would try to invoke divine power to deflect the rest of the plague from you.