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How did photography influence the Civil War?


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It is generally accepted that the US Civil War was the first major war covered by photographers.

For the first time, people had photographic images of the death and destruction seen in war.

The Mexican-American War was one of the first extensively covered in moving pictures, and the Vietnam War was one of the first broadcast daily into people's living rooms.

The Gulf War (1991) was amongst the first war to be covered by a 24 hour news channel.


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It led people to capture amounce shots of people that were dead, and shaped the way photography is now

No; see the question "What was the first war to be documented through photography".

Photography played a role in the Civil War. It let civilians see what the war was like. Mathew Brady was a photographer who took pictures of soldiers, camp life, and battlefields.

The address of the Center For Civil War Photography is: 947 E Johnstown Road 161, Gahanna, OH 43230-1851

yes, photography dates back till past 1860 and the civil war

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Photography was invented before the Civil War. Mathew W. Brady was among the first to display scenes from the war, and battles in his gallery.

jones family lived in the south during the civil war.

His American Civil War photography brought the reality of the horrors and suffering of the war to the common citizen by making war a concrete versus abstract reality - war was now a shared experience .

He used photography to help people see the harsh realities of war.

Newspapers and photography. This was the first war were people seen the horrors of war through photos.

Timothy Sweet has written: 'Traces of war' -- subject(s): American War poetry, American poetry, History, History and criticism, Literature and the war, Photography, United States Civil War, 1861-1865, War photography

This question is asking for you to write about how photography has affected your world so you need to do it. Write down the things that photography has helped the world. Then, write a list of how it has hindered. I will give you a bit of information to get you going. The civil war was the first war that was put into photography. It changed the views of war ( find some of the photos from that time).

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ther aren't any, photography was in it's infancy in 1860-1865.

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Spies especially women spies helpes influence the out come of the civil war in depth they carried very important information to and from the soldiers without women spies the whole outcome of the war could have changed

Farmers formed cooperatives after the Civil war, to give producers higher influence in buying their produce, and market their products.

The US Civil War was the US's 2nd war in which photography, in which each photo was worth a thousand words, brought the war to the public. Quite naturally, the carnage shown in those images caused many people to hope for an end to the war.

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