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In the opening chapter of Ezekiel, God the Word (to become Christ latter) comes to him while he is in Judean captivity, in one of the most stupendous and grand chariots. This is a far cry from the picture most have today of the baby Jesus in the manger.

Ezekiel's mission was not only dual in that he was to speak to the house of Judah in chapter 3:11, 'children of thy people' but was also sent as a watchman for the 'house of Israel' in verse 17. Yet, history strongly indicates that as a captive, Ezekiel did not go to the 'lost ten tribes' of the Assyrian captivity over 100 years earlier - he couldn't. But how is the watchman role and other tasks like to Temple to be completed? The Book of Ezekiel has many mentions of the latter days or end-times so it is a future prophecy.

After Christ established His Church and Gentiles were now grafted onto the branch of the tree of life via His sacrifice, there are spiritual Israelites - members of His true Church. The watchman and temple verses of Ezekiel refer to these last 2 ages of the Church of God - Laodicean and Philadelphian. They speak to not physical salvation alone, but spiritual as well. At the very end of Ezekiel, it shows the re-unification of the entire peoples of Israel in the lands they were to inherit and living in the Millennial rule of the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Ezekiel was mainly an end-time prophet.

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In Ezekiel 1:1-3, we are told that on the fifth day of the month, the fifth year of King Jehoiachin's exile (593 BCE), Ezekiel saw a divine vision in the land of the Chaldeans by the river Chebar. He describes this vision in chapter 1 as something that came in the midst of fire and cloud, with four figures resembling people inside it, but each had four faces and four wings (2). One of those inside identifying himself as God, calls to Ezekiel, saying (2:3), "Son of man , I am sending you to the Israelites (3), rebels who have rebelled against me; they and their fathers have rebelled against me to this very day." God tells Ezekiel not to fear their words or their looks, but to obey him, and warns Ezekiel that the Israelites would not listen to him, since they do not listen to God (3:7).
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Q: How did prophet Ezekiel know his mission?
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What is the mission of Prophet Ezekiel?

He's mission was to help the people

Was prophet Ezekiel successful with his mission?

Sure he was a sucess as he is considered a major prophet.

Was prophet Ezekiel successful in doing his mission?

Yes he was , as he is considered as a major prophet.

Is Ezekiel an angel or prophet?

He is a prophet.

What did archangel Ezekiel do?

Ezekiel was not an angel, but a prophet.

Was Ezekiel a priest or a prophet?

Both. In Ezekiel 1:3 he is introduced as a Priest. In Ezekiel 2:1 he is called to be a Prophet.

Was prophet Ezekiel in the stomach of the fish?

No. It was the prophet Jonah.

Is the prophet ezekial a man?

Yes prophet Ezekiel was a man.

Who are the Prophets of Babylon?

It was the prophet Ezekiel.

Was Ezekiel a prophet priest?


What was the work of Ezekiel in bible?

He was a prophet.

Was Ezekiel a priest prophet?


Who was the father of Ezekiel the prophet?

(Ezekiel 1:2-3)Ezekiel was the son of Buzi the priest in the land of the Chaldeans.

Who wrote the book of Ezekiel in the bible?

The prophet Ezekiel, who was with the exiles in Babylon, wrote this book

How did Ezekiel become a prophet?

Ezekiel was God's chosen man and messenger. Ezekiel proclaimed the Words of God to the children of God, the Israelites. Ezekiel was both a prophet and a priest. Ezekiel went into exile with the Israelites as decreed by King Nebuchadnezzar to the city of Babylon. Historians and scholars agree that Ezekiel was a highly intelligent man.

Where was the prophet Ezekiel born?

He was from the town of Anatot.

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Where did prophet Ezekiel live?

According to Ezekiel 1:1, this prophet lived in Babylon. He was taken there during the exile from Jerusalem. So, at least at the time of the prophecies recorded in the book of Ezekiel, he was a resident of Babylon.

What is Saint Ezekiel the patron saint of?

Ezekiel is an Old Testament prophet and not accorded the title of saint.

Who was the prophet that saw the glory of God depart from the temple?

Ezekiel. See Ezekiel chapter 10.

Who was the father of Ezekiel the prophet and where can it be found in the bible?

His father was named Buzi (Ezekiel 1:3).

Who did the prophet Ezekiel preach to?

The captive Jews in Babylon