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The public opinion split over the Vietnam War because some of the public felt that it was right for America to fight in the war while others did not share that opinion.

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How did the public opinion split over the war?

In most wars public opinion is split over the war. You will almost always have those who support the action, and those who don't.

Public opinion over the Vietnam War helped prevent this president from running for reelection?

Lyndon Johnson

What Public opinion over the Vietnam War helped prevented this president from running for reelection?

Lyndon Johnson

Have the public opinion polls for the Vietnam and Iraq war changed?

Public opinion polls were concerned over the military draft; today's conflicts are watched on television without much concern...people's lives are NOT being disrupted by a military draft.

President Nixon sought to correct the public ill-will over Vietnam through all of these policies?

Nixon sought to correct the public ill will over Vietnam through rehabilitation policies.

Why is Vietnam not split?

North Vietnam persevered over it's Southern counterpart in 1975 with the 'Fall of Saigon' thus unifying the the two countries .

Did The 1968 campaign for the presidency demonstrated the serious division in the US?

The 1968 campaign for the presidency of the United States of America demonstrated the serious division in the United States over the war in. Not. The American public was split over whether to continue in Vietnam or poll out.

Why were the north Vietnamese and south Vietnamese fighting?

North Vietnam (Viet Cong) were trying to take over South Vietnam with Communism and a majority of Vietnam didn't like that, so they split the country and warred to keep Chinese Communism out.

Is a person who has more than average influence on public opinion?

Yes,A person can have a average influenced over a public opinion because it can be possible that he is only person who is in handling of all others activities as well.

Is public opinion one opinion shared by all Americans?

"Public opinion" does not necessarily mean that "all" persons in any country, culture, or race hold the same opinion.For example, during the last decade, there have been several primary public opinions about Americans entering a war in the Middle East (Iraq; Afghanistan). 1. One section of public opinion, especially right after 9/11, supported Bush's decision to go to war. 2. However, another section of public opinion disagreed and believed the US should not invade any country. 3. Another, less vocal, segment of society believed we should go to Iraq and capture Saddam, but once he was captured and killed, this segment of public opinion stated that the USA had met it's objectives and should withdraw all US troops. 4. A fourth opinion, after Sadam had been killed, held that the US could not simply withdraw after de-stablizing a country's government and social structure, and instead should stay to train Iraqis to take over their own governance. At the same time, after Saddam was hanged, public opinions shifted and took various opinions about whether the US's goal was to fight only Saddam, or whether the US's goal was to fight terrorism -- which included hunting Osama Bin Laden, leader of the Al Qaiada terroristic organization.Another way to view "public opinion" is to think about elections. Although we vote in only one person as US President, voters (the public) express different opinions about candidates by how each person casts a vote. Votes might be split UNequally between many candidates, but only one candidate wins. But that does not 'erase' how people cast votes for other candidates. The same applies to "public opinion"-- within "all" of society, citizens are often split about issues, so that there is typically more than just one "public opinion". However, one public opinion may be held by a majority-- but not necessarily.From these two examples, you can see that "public opinion" can take on many "sides" of an argument. The only way to properly write something that uses this phrase would be "the prevailing public opinion of US citizens believes..." or " current public opinion, the majority of US citizens feel.." Or, in cases where multiple opinions emerge, a writer could say something like, "Public opinion is split, with some people supporting X, while others agreeing with Y, and others believing Z."

When did Wings Over Vietnam happen?

Wings Over Vietnam happened in 2004.

Leader of Vietnam during the Vietnam war?

After the Geneva Conventions in 1954 Vietnam was split into two, North Vietnam (communists) and South Vietnam (democrats). The leader of the North was Ho Chi Minh. The leader of the South was Prime Minister Ngo Dinh Diem, who was later elected president of South Vietnam; and overthrown by his own general in a coup d'tat in 1963. Nguyen Van Thieu took over, as leader of South Vietnam, for the remainder of the war.

How many died during the vietmens war?

It is estimated that over 3 million people on both sides died during the Vietnam War. The country of Vietnam did not release their casualties to the public until 1995.

Why was there war in Vietnam?

North Vietnam wanted to take over south Vietnam.

How did France take over Vietnam?

Vietnam won

What did President Nixon not use to diffuse the public ill-will over Vietnam?

President Nixon did not use the election and election promises to diffuse ill-will over the war in Vietnam. He wanted to keep the people angry and essentially make them hate the Vietnamese to keep support over the war efforts.

What issue was the antislavery movement split over in 1840?

It was split over the participation of women.

What did the pentagon paper confirm for many Americans?

The papers revealed that over the years Washington had misled the public about the reasons behind the Vietnam War

What percent of Vietnam is Buddhist?

Well over 75 percent of Vietnam is Buddhist because when China took over Vietnam, China taught people in Vietnam their culture and shared it.

What was the beginning of Vietnam war?

to keep north Vietnam from taking over south Vietnam....

What change in Vietnam after the war with US?

north Vietnam took over south Vietnam

When was Wings Over Vietnam created?

Wings Over Vietnam was created on 2004-11-08.

What is stability when talking about public opinion polls?

Stability means the results do not change very much over time or from poll to poll.

Who was over d Vietnam War?

The war was fought against COMMUNISM; North Vietnam was communist & trying to take over SOUTH Vietnam which was NOT communist.

What happened after the last American troops left Vietnam?

North Vietnam took over Vietnam