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The dates of Reformation Day and Halloween are mere coincidence. Reformation Day did not "transform" into Halloween, and is a separate holiday.

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Q: How did reformation day become Halloween?
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How did saints day become Halloween?

It didn't. All saints day comes after Halloween, in early November.

What was the English protestant equivalent to Halloween or all souls day?

All Saints day has been on the calender of the reformed Church of England since the reformation. Halloween is Eve of All Saints, that is technically the beginning of the feast.

What is the connection between the Reformation in 1517 and Halloween?

There is no connection. The reformation in 1517 was led by Martin Luther and the 95 Thesis. Halloween was led by the ancient Celts to scare away last year's ghosts.

What year did Martin Luther start the Protestant Reformation?

Halloween of 1517

Why is protestant reformation on Halloween 1517?

This was the day that Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses document to the door of the town's cathedral, questioning the practice of selling indulgences. It was the "spark" that began the Protestant Reformation, October 31, 1517.

How did the Catholic Church become associated with Halloween?

Actually, the Church did not become associated with Halloween, Halloween is the descendant of people who were celebrated the vigil of All Saints Day, or in old English, All Hallow's Eve. Thus our modern Halloween comes from a Church celebration.

What day is Halloween?

Halloween day is October 31.

Who did Halloween?

Halloween or Hallows day was created in Ireland.

What day was Halloween in 1993?

Halloween in 1993 was on a Sunday.

What is the day of Halloween?

Halloween is October 31. no du

Why do people have pumpkins on Halloween?

to celebrate the Halloween day

What christian holiday is celebrated on the day after Halloween?

All Saints Day is the Christian holiday the day after Halloween.

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