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Religion in the Middle Ages was more then religion. It extended into politics,business, every aspect of life. It's impact was huge,and it was all that people lived and breathed.

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How did religion affect life in middle ages?

Religion in the Middle Ages was more then religion. It extended into politics,business, every aspect of life. It's impact was huge,and it was all that people lived and breathed.

How did the religion affect life in the middle ages?

Everybody was afraid of the Pope and his power.

Why was the church in the Middle Ages so powerful?

Religion was very important in the middle ages. there was a church in the middle of every village and religion effected all aspects of life.

What religion dominated life in the Middle Ages?

The dominant religion in the Middle Ages depended on where you were. In most of Europe, it was Christianity, and in the Middle East and North Africa, for most of the Middle Ages, it was Islam. There were places where both were about equally important, such as Spain.

How did trade affect life in the Middle Ages?

trade affected the life in middle ages because they were poor and also because Niall James Horan helped them survive.

How did the Roman Catholic Church influence the Religious aspects of life in the Middle Ages?

It was the religion and the only religion, so it controlled all.

What affect did the plague have on the life of middle ages?

It killed about 40% of the population. Whole towns died.

What was the way of life in middle ages called?

The middle ages way of life was called feudalism.

How much control did religion and the church have over people during the middle ages?

It was everything it controlled every aspect of life for everyone, it was life

How was life in a town during the Middle Ages different from life on the manor?

life was different in middle ages since it was the middles ages and in manor well, it was the manor!

What was a peasants religion?

most of the time a peasants religion during the middle ages was Christianity in the form of catholic religion whether you were a king, knight, lord or peasant your life was dominated by the church

What is the center of social and religious life in the middle ages?

The center of social and religious life during the Middle Ages was the church.

What was the importance of the Church and the Christian religion in the lives Europeans in the Middle Ages?

In Europe during the Middle Ages, Christianity was the only organized religion, which was Catholicism. During the Middle Ages, Catholicism dominated all lives of all people from birth through death. Catholicism gave the rules and regulations for life for all people, no matter if they were peasants, serfs, nobles or Kings.

What was the average life span of a person in the middle ages?

The average lifespan of a person in the middle ages was about 35 years.

What was the life of nobles like in the middle ages?

The life was nice for a noble in the Middle Ages they often owned property and sold it to vassels who sold it to other people the nobles did have to fight in war but other than that they had a jolly life ( as someone in the Middle Ages would say).

What was Town Life like in the MIddle Ages?

life in the middle ages was disgusting, every you went alot of aga (poo) and don't make me mention the hygiene.

How important was religion in the middle ages?

There was one religion and it was Catholic. It served to guide everyone in life and told society what the rules of a good life were. It was also part of daily life and all were expected to follow the guidelines it set. The Catholic religion told the poor and the kings how to live and what to do. To answer your question it was very important.

What was a Guild in the Middle Ages?

A guild was known as a business group of people in the middle ages. They were basically the "middle" class of daily life medieval Europe.

Was life safe in the middle ages when the Tudors ruled?

Sorry, the Tudors ruled after the Middle Ages ended, so the question is moot.

How did the plague affect life in the middle ages?

it caused great horror and many people lost their entire families and the people who survived wished they were dead

How was life in Europe before the middle ages?

Life in Europe prior to the Middle Ages was very restricted. Much of what the public was allowed to do was governed by the crown. Economically, society was very unstable.

How was the queens life in middle ages?

A queens life can sometimes be and sometimes it is not that fun at all

Why was life as a monk harsh in the middle ages?

there life was hard because they had to do lots of work

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